PraY announces on stream that he has turned down all offers, implies retirement

LCK fans may not be able to see Jin “PraY” Jong-in in the competitive scene in the coming split. In his personal stream on Afreeca TV, PraY announced that he has turned down all offers and implied that he may be taking a hiatus, mentioning the word retirement several times.

“I don’t know what to say, but I’ve made my decision. There have been so many good offers, but I’ve turned them all down.” PraY said in his stream. “I’ve just cried my eyes out in front of a convenience store before I came in to the house and turned this stream on.”

PraY added that he was taking a hiatus not because he was not getting offers, but it was from his own volition. “The offers [that I’ve been getting from the teams] have been too good, but I turned them all down. Maybe I had already closed my heart, for some time by now.”

“Is it truly a retirement? If I change my mind and come back [to competitive gaming], would I not be too old by then?” PraY said to the fans watching the stream. “I should have left when people were still clapping for me (A Korean term for knowing when to bow out). I’m regretful that I’m leaving when they are no longer clapping for me.” Pray added, “Everyone was like, it’s a pity if you retire now. They were not saying it out of politeness; they really meant it.”

“Why did I cry? I don’t know. Was it regret?” PraY paused, then said, “That’s the end. I’m going now. Maybe I’ll turn the stream on again soon.” PraY abruptly ended the stream 25 minutes after turning the stream on.

The chat reaction was bewildered and regretful. Many fans in the chat told PraY “It’s not too late to turn back; call these teams up and say you’ve changed your mind.” Fans now wait on the edge of their seats waiting for further statements from PraY, to find out if PraY has truly retired from the scene or he will indeed pick up an offer from a team contrary to his messages on the stream.


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