Pawn announces that he is a free agent, says “He is preparing for 2019 full of motivation”

PawN, former World Champion announces FA status. Image Source: Riot

Following major roster changes from other LCK teams, KT Rolster’s mid laner Pawn announced that he is now a free agent.

Pawn announces FA
Image Source: Pawn’s personal Facebook account.

In his Facebook message, Pawn announced that he has parted ways with KT Rolster, the team that he played for two years. In his statement, he said “I’m regretful that I was not able to play many competitive games due to personal issues. I am sorry to the coaching staff, the management and the fans of KT Rolsters for leaving the team without showing good results. I don’t know what team I will be playing in next year, but please send out support.”

With the departure of Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong, it is unknown with whom the team will look to fill the rest of the roster with.



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