Mata leaves KT Rolster, is now a free agent

Image Source: Riot Games

On 13th of November, KT Rolster said goodbye to the team’s supporter, Cho “Mata” Se-hyung. Mata is now a free agent. The news was announced through KT Rolster’s official Facebook page.

안녕하세요, kt Rolster입니다.지난 2년간 kt Rolster의 서포터로 활동한 'MATA' 조세형 선수가 구단과의 합의 하에 계약을 종료하고, 자유계약 선수로 전환되었음을 알려드립니다.최고의 선수 중…

KT롤스터(Rolster-Story)さんの投稿 2018年11月13日火曜日


Mata joined KT Rolster at the end of 2016, along with Smeb, Pawn and Deft as part of KT’s initiative to build a “super-team” made out of best players in every position. Over the next two years, however, the super-team would have mixed results that would fall short of people’s expectations. KT was able to finally win LCK at 2018 Summer Split. However, the team never had international success – In 2018, when KT qualified to World Championship as the first seed of LCK, the team was eliminated by Invictus Gaming at the quarterfinals.

Mata’s departure might only be the beginning for a series of changes that might be coming to KT Rolster. The oldest member of the team, Score, is now of an age where he must consider Korean military service. Rumors have also suggested that KT may have difficulty keeping at least one of its bot-lane duo, Mata and Deft.


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