Lehends quotes the ambitions of Griffin’s new top laner, Doran: “According to him, he is the best player in the world, and I hope that happens. Fighting!”

Griffin has finally achieved victory with a 2-0 series against KT Rolster to end their losing streak in LCK regular season. With KT Rolster found themselves victorious in their last match against Afreeca Freecs, the team of veterans looked to continue their momentum against the faltering Griffin team. However, Griffin was able to exploit KT’s mistakes, taking advantage of it in order to bring the match to their favor.

Riot Korea has interviewed Park “Viper” Do-hyeon and Son “Lehends” Si-woo following the match.

The bottom lane’s performance in today’s match has been quite awe-inspiring. Can we hear how you are feeling, Viper?

Viper: It’s a bit awkward being on stage [for MVP interview], but I think we did well today.

During the losing streak, the fans were wondering what kind of feedbacks were going on behind the scenes. Lehends, can you answer this one?

Lehends: Simply put, we were making a lot of mistakes, as well as showing moments where we lost out due to skill difference. We looked into it and gave appropriate feedback where needed.

In the first game Griffin picked Nami as their support of choice. Can you tell us what was in mind when picking it?

Lehends: While we had a lot of champions prepared going into today’s match, during practices, I thought that Nami wasn’t a bad pick at all and decided to show it on stage today.

Since Nami isn’t a common pick, you would have to play together in order to work on synergy. Can you tell us about that?

Viper: Compared to when he first played it, I think he has gotten a lot better. [Lehends smiles]

In the first game, we saw a great teamfight from Griffin. Can you explain what was going on Viper?

Viper: Well, at the time, I didn’t know what was going on, but then I thought the fight was going well for us, so I just ulted and got a kill.

Through instinct, you have used your perfectly to snipe a kill. The bottom lane of Griffin shined in both games of the series. Lehends, with some difficulties being seen in the top side, wasn’t the bottom lane pressured to do well? Can we hear any strategies related to this?

Lehends: There weren’t any particular strategies. I just saw that Doran was struggling, so I told him to do his best because I will win the game for him. I think that’s how we managed to win?

[To Viper] Do you have any additional comments?

Viper: [Hurriedly] No, I’m fine.

I see. There was also another play near Baron that secured Griffin’s victory. Lehends, can you tell us what was happening here?

Lehends: We were trying to get a pick on Ryze, but then we saw a tasty looking toad in the jungle, and decided to get that first.

With a perfect follow up, Griffin managed to win a major teamfight against KT. We have mentioned Doran before. Since he isn’t as known compared to other members of the team, the fans are quite curious about him, such as his playstyle. Can you introduce him to us?

Lehends: I don’t know him that well yet, but according to him, he is the best player in the world, and I hope that happens. Fighting!

Viper you have been smiling through the interview. Do you have anything to say to Lehends?

Viper: No, nothing in particular. I see that he won MVP with his Lux plays.

For Griffin to build up their wins, they will need to come out victorious in their next match against SKT. Do you have any words?

Viper: While we have lost a lot recently, we will get hold of ourselves, and look to win.

Lehends: For our remaining matches, we will make sure to win them all and show good results. Thank you.


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