LCK schedule announced: 6 games held per week, PapaSmithy continue as the only color caster for LCK

On the 4th of June, Riot Korea announced the schedule for the LCK 2018 Summer Split. The Split commences on the 12th of June, with the opening game between BBQ and MVP. This is followed by Griffin vs Hanhwa Life Esports.

The announcement for the first two matches of LCK Summer Split, bbq vs MVP and GRF vs HLE. Source: SpoTV

6 broadcast days per week, 3 best-of-3’s in a single day; schedule “condensed” to accommodate 2018 Asian Games

As well as announcing the opening day, Riot Korea also announced that this year’s Summer Split will operate on a tighter, condensed schedule. The Games will be held on 6 days per week (on most weeks), in contrast to previous Splits where games were held on 5 days for a given week. Also, on several Wednesdays, the games will begin at 2PM KST, which allows for 3 best-of-3 series to be held in a single day.

The schedule has been condensed to end the Spring Split early which gives time for the Korean representatives to attend the Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang, later this year. Despite the fact that League of Legends will be a demonstrational event and won’t go towards the official medal count, individual players such as Faker as well as committees such as KeSPA, have announced that they will support the cause and represent Korea at its best.

The English-speaking LCK Casting Crew Return; PapaSmithy, Achilios, Atlus and Valdes

PapaSmithy announced on his Twitter that the English-speaking LCK casting crew will return to cover the LCK Summer Split. PapaSmithy will continue to cast as the LCK’s only color caster, while Valdes, Achilios or Atlus will share the play-by-play caster role as part of the LCK’s duo cast set-up.

With this announcement, PapaSmithy once again looks to cast every single LCK game for Summer Split. This a minimum of 180 games with the potential of reaching 270 games of casting during the 8-week long regular season of LCK 2018 Spring Split.


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