LCK players, including Faker, will announce their free agency status from Nov 19th, 4PM PST

The official offseason for LCK will begin on November 20th, 9AM KST. For NA audience, this will be November 18th, 5PM PST. LCK player whose contracts are expiring this year, including Lee “Faker” Sang-hyuk, will begin to announce their free agency status – Whether they will renew their existing contracts or become free agents.

Inven has confirmed with Riot Games that contracts between LCK teams and the players will officially come to end at 9AM, November 20th, Korean Standard Time. It is from this point onward – 5PM, November 19th in Pacific Time – that players announce whether they have renewed their contracts with their current team, or have become free agents.

The list of LCK players with their contracts expiring on November 20th includes Faker, Bang, Peanut, Smeb, Deft, Pray, GorillA and more. As contracts with most top-tier LCK players will expire soon and many LCK teams have alluded to making significant changes to their roster, the LCK offseason looks to be a very volatile period for the players and the fans.


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