Kuro: “Whenever I meet Smeb, we do banter around. Even before today’s match, as I was waiting in the match lobby, Smeb started messaging me”

Image Source: OGN/Twitch

Afreeca Freecs came out triumphant in their match against KT Rolster. At the center of this victory was Kuro, the mid-laner for Afreeca Freecs. Kuro picked traditional mage champions, Anivia in Game 1 and Vel’Koz in Game 3, and carried his team in both games.

After Afreeca Freecs’s 2-1 win against KT, OGN interviewed the double MVP, Kuro, as well as the team’s coach, Zefa.

What a difficult match it was! You must still be full of adrenalin after that close game. Today, we brought in Kuro, the double MVP of the day. Could you please say hello to the fans?

Kuro: Hello, I am Kuro, the mid-laner for Afreeca Freecs.

Zefa: I am coach Zefa of Afreeca Freecs.

Zefa, you usually seem very calm on camera. However after today’s final game, you looked overjoyed. You screamed as you ran into the booth. Was this because you thought today was an unusually difficult match?

Zefa: We were behind on Game 3; Kuro pulled off some super-play on Vel’koz, managed to “suck in” the enemy lines and turn the tide around.

Kuro: The last game was difficult for so many reasons. The opponent team’s Varus was fed, and our composition wasn’t equipped to deal well with that. However, all our teammates did amazingly and managed to turn the game into a victory. Everyone did well.

There’s still an ongoing debate about the current meta, on which champions work and which don’t. Can you give us more detail about your thoughts behind today’s picks and bans?

Kuro: We just do us. We picked and banned in a way that we liked.

Kuro; today, you played pure mages in the mid-lane; a breed of champions that are thought to be extinct in the current meta. You showed some amazing performances, but did your coaches recommend you to play them?

Kuro: During pick and ban I’d usually suggest a few champions that are viable given the current picks; then the coach will decide among one of these options suggested.

There are so many different champions being experimented in this meta.

Zefa: We try picks that other people say are good; we try picks that people say aren’t so good; we try new things; we simply try everything.

Image Source: OGN/Twit

The deciding game was a bit of Banner of Command fiesta. We even saw Darius go Banner of Command.

Zefa: I would not call it OP, but it is certainly powerful depending on the situation; in the last game, our composition benefited from having Banner of Command, so we went with the item.

A continued debate in the community is whether marksman champions are still viable in the bot lane.

Zefa: You just saw us play Anivia and Vel’koz in mid-lane. Just as traditional mages are viable in the mid-lane, marksman champions are still playable in the bot-lane. It’s just a meta where you can’t be surprised with champions being played anywhere.

Kuro, we saw you take Gathering Storm for Game 3.

Kuro: Our composition was one that we had to snowball and win the game early. Then the opponent team picked Varus, which meant that the game could extend. I wanted to prepare for the possibility of the game dragging on, so I took Gathering Storm.

They say that there are currently three top junglers in the LCK; Tarzan, Haru and Spirit.

Zefa: Spirit really took the defeat of the Spring Split [Final] to heart. He always used to practice hard, but now he is practicing more than ever, late into the nights.

Kuro, in today’s match, you also played against your ex-teammate, Smeb. Do you think about the fact you’re playing against Smeb when you have a match against him? During the games, we also saw you playfully taunt Smeb.

Kuro: Whenever I meet Smeb, we do banter around. Even before today’s match, as I was waiting in the match lobby, Smeb started messaging me: “Hey, you are still alive; when are you even going away?”

Zefa, would you say that the dominance that the Afreeca Freecs have been showing, is partially due to the current meta?

Zefa: We were confident before this meta, we are confident in the current meta. Whenever the meta changes again, we’re confident that we’ll adjust just as quickly.

Kuro, what do you personally prefer playing more? Bruisers like Darius and Irelia, or mages like Vel’Koz?

Kuro: I like cowardly champions like LeBlanc. I also enjoy bruisers, as they are very flashy to play as.

Then how about supportive mid-laners, like Taric and Braum?

Kuro: In Solo Q, I actually fill mid and support. I, also, think support champions are fun to play.


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