KT Kingen, AFs Mowgli and GEN Haru will be LCK subs for Worlds 2018

KT Rolster’s Kingen, Afreeca Freecs’ Mowgli and Gen.G’s Haru will attend 2018 World Championship as substitute players for their respective teams.

According to Kenzi of FOMOS, multiple officials in Korean esports scene have confirmed that Kingen, Mowgli and Haru will be substitute players for the three LCK teams that are attending Worlds. According to Riot Game’s rules, a team may only bring a 6-man roster to an international tournament.

Gen.G Jihun confirms on Twitter that the current information on rosters for LCK teams may be different from the final version.

KT Rolster, perhaps as a surprise to many fans, have included their sub for the top lane, Kingen, for their roster for World Championship – over Pawn or Rush. A “straight outta solo Q” talent, Kingen debuted to LCK at 2018 Summer Split, playing a game against for SK Telecom T1.

Afreeca Freecs will be taking both junglers to World Championship, Spirit and Mowgli. Kramer will be the sole AD carry for Afreeca, leaving Aiming out from the roster. Gen.G will also be playing dual junglers during World Championship, taking Ambition as the main jungler and Haru as the sub. Crown will be the sole mid-laner for Gen.G This also means that Fly, who played at the mid-lane for Gen.G for most of the 2018 Summer Split, will be missing Worlds.


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