Kramer and Ian join LGD Gaming, latest in a string of players exiting Korea

Kramer and Ian, former LCK players, have signed for LPL’s LGD Gaming. The two players are the latest in a string of players exiting LCK.

In the team’s Weibo, LGD Gaming announced that the team has signed Kramer, the former AD carry of Afreeca Freecs, and Ian, the former mid laner of MVP.

Kramer and Ian holding up jerseys of their new team. Source: LGD Gaming Weibo

Many LCK veterans have been exiting the scene in 2018 offseason, causing many fans to fear that this is the second coming of “Korean Exodus”. Earlier in November, CoreJJ, GorillA and Bang announced that they have contracted with NA and EU teams. PraY, another veteran LCK player, recently implied on his personal stream that he will be taking a hiatus from the competitive scene.


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