KZ Deft on the team’s pocket pick Nami: “We had success with Nami in scrims; we would usually take the bottom turret and dominate the game.”

Moon "Cuzz" Woo-chan and Kim "Deft" Hyuk-gyu MVPs of KZ's victory. Image source: Korizon

On March 17th, Kingzone DragonX signaled their intent to compete for more than just a playoff ticket by defeating Generation Gaming 2-0. Though a close match overall, KZ managed to counter Gen.G Esports’s play and make plays of their own, moving on from competing for playoffs to dreaming for more.

Below is the MVP interview with KZ’s Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan and Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu.

Kingzone DragonX reached the 10-win mark in spring split today. I suppose you must have prepared a lot for today’s match after Gen.G Esports’ impressive win against Griffin. Are you satisfied with today’s performance?

Cuzz: I liked how we played in game one. Game two was a bit disappointing for me. I want to say sorry to my teammates and I’ll have to work harder.

Deft: I think we were okay, in game one I burnt my flash early in the game and thought I should do better in the second game. Overall, our team helped me out a lot.

You came up with some interesting picks today – Nami, Gangplank, and Karthus! Did other regions influence your draft?

Deft: I don’t think so, we were looking for support champions to pair up with Lucian. We had success with Nami in scrims; we would usually take the bottom turret and dominate the game. However, today, [the pick] didn’t work out as well because the opponent Jarvan IV made some on-point ganks.

You focused more on the top side of the Rift than the bottom. Are there any special reasons behind this? Was it a team call or an individual decision?

Cuzz: It was my idea, but I think the whole team agreed with me on the decision. Our bottom lane was having a hard time so I thought it would be more effective to go towards top. Vladimir has a good late game, so we took that into consideration too.

Was Karthus a prepared pick or was it a last-minute decision?

Cuzz: We did practice Karthus a bit on a team level and I’ve also always thought that he would be a good pick. I didn’t think that we would draft Karthus today though. We last picked jungle and I saw an opening for Karthus, that’s it.

You focused on securing the elder drake in game two, and that turned the game in [Kingzone’s] favor. Was this an individual decision?

Deft: Yes, it was my individual shotcall at the time. I thought I couldn’t help much in the teamfight, so securing the drake was the best option I had. After Gen.G won the teamfight, I thought they would go for Baron, but they decided to push mid. That allowed me to chip off the opponent champions’ hit points with the elder drake. Eventually, that allowed Karthus to pick up two kills.

I noticed that Pawn was hiding deep inside enemy territory very often in game two, crossing Peanut’s path in the process. What was the plan behind this?

Cuzz: We knew Lissandra would be able to threaten Kennen, and we would have a good chance in a teamfight if Lissandra initiates one. We were looking for that sort of opportunity.

In game two, Deft used his Flash in an attempt to kill Jarvan IV. However, it was Park “TusiN” Jong-ik who ended up taking the kill. In the in-game voice chat, TusiN was very vocal about that attempt. Can you elaborate on the situation?

Deft: I flashed in because I thought that Jarvan IV would escape over the wall with his flash, but he didn’t, and so…. oh well.

You’re now in a comfortable spot for playoffs, but the team will still be aspiring for more victories under its belt. How are you planning to prepare for the next match against KT Rolster?

Cuzz: I think KT is a solid team, so I think we have to be well-prepared to secure a win like today.

Deft, you are now leading the MVP rankings. Do you have any final resolutions?

Deft: Go “Score” Dong-bin asked me for a favor to beat Gen.G and I delivered. So I guess it’s time for me to score a win over KT now.


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