Kingzone PraY, the “QTPie of Korea”, finally comes to Twitch

PraY playfully points to the camera. Image Source: OGN

PraY, the second biggest streaming personality after Faker and often dubbed the “Sneaky/QTPie of Korea” based on his charisma and camera presence, will be moving to Twitch.

Outside of Korea, the Kingzone DragonX player is renowned mostly for his career as the region’s top AD carry for several years. Within Korea, PraY is also famous as one of the biggest streaming personalities in LCK. PraY’s online streams, broadcasted in his AfreecaTV channel, draw up to 30,000 viewers simultaneously. His YouTube channel, where he uploads highlights of his stream, also draws an average of 50,000 ~ 150,000 views per video.

PraY is known for his camera presence and his willingness to engage with the fans. Image Source: Inven Boards

On 9th of June, PraY announced that he will be moving from AfreecaTV to Twitch, so he can dual-stream with Douyu TV. PraY and other members of Kingzone DragonX are currently contracted to stream to the Chinese audience in partnership with Douyu.

Korean and global fans have come out reacting positively to the news. As Afreeca TV is mainly catered for the Korean audience, it was previously difficult for English fans to tune into PraY’s streams, make donations or comments. Hopefully, the move to Twitch will mean that the global fans have an easier access to the online personality’s famous streams.


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