Kingzone DragonX: GorillA, Peanut and Khan MVP Interview

SPOTV's caster Sung interviews Kingzone DragonX players, Khan, GorillA and Peanut. Source: SPOTV

Kingzone DragonX took a dominating 2:0 victory over SKT T1 in their match on March 6th, solidifying their number one spot in LCK rankings.

SpoTV carried out an interview with 3 members of Kingzone DragonX; GorillA, who took the MVP for the first game; Peanut, who took the MVP for the 2nd game with 11/0/6; and Khan, who appeared as a guest speaker.

SPOTV: You ended today’s match with crazy momentum and speed. How are you feeling about today’s victory?

GorillA: We have a bad reputation for doing badly after a new patch. We’re glad to have shown you otherwise through practices.

SPOTV: Kingzone has a history, jinx almost, of underperforming after every patch. In today’s match, there was no such underperformance. Your Olaf, Peanut, was just ridiculous. What are your thoughts about today’s victory?

Peanut: I think we’ve done badly in previous matches as we’ve tried to prepare for it too much. In this patch, we choose a few things that we really focused on and nailed them hard; so I think we did well.

SPOTV: Can you elaborate more on “A few things that we really focused on”?

Peanut: Olaf jungle?

GorillA: Firstly, we did see a surprise pick in mid again (Mid Sion). Like that, we focused on a few things for this patch change, so we turned up well.


SPOTV: GorillA; in Game 1 picked Thresh, not a common pick in the current meta, as well as Sion in mid. What were your thoughts during Game 1?

GorillA: We’ve had opponents pick Thresh against us, and that made us think that Thresh looks good, we should practise on the champion. I also have a good track record against Thresh against SKT so it gave me a bit of confidence as I decided to pull it out in today’s match.

SPOTV: You had some amazing lands with your Death Sentence today. Almost all teamfights began with your Death Sentences, teamfights that you took away.

GorillA: When you play Thresh, it’s really important to have a good synergy with your jungle and roam around the map today. Today I had a good synergy with Peanut and we had some great shotcalls together, and I think I did well on Thresh because of this.


SPOTV: In Game 2 – We’ve never seen an Olaf do so well before. 11/0/6 was the final score.

Peanut: First time I’ve done so well in Olaf, too; it has never happened even in scrims. I’m so glad that I did well suddenly, in a big stage, too, so we could end the game quickly.

SPOTV: Somewhere in mid-game there must have been a discussion among Kingzone players, to play around now fed Olaf.

Peanut: As a team, we did say that we will win if we start a fight in the side of the map that I was in; to play more defensively and wait when I was in another side of the map.

SPOTV: What’s the most memorable moment for you in Game 2?

Peanut: Mid gank first blood, and my solo kill on Camille in the jungle. For the first blood, Bdd did everything, from shotcalling with W to telling me a route to gank. So for the first blood kill, I’d almost say Bdd fed it to me with a spoon.


SPOTV: There are no questions around Kingzone DragonX’s current performance. Fans don’t talk about whether Kingzone will win, but how they will win. It’s to a point that the biggest question mark on Kingzone is not the performance, but the health of the players.

GorillA: I’m always the sick one in the team, to a point they’ve dubbed me “Hospital”. However, there was a player who’s even worse than me; Khan.

Khan: Hi guys. My health has been improving, as reflected in my performance, I hope.

SPOTV: Any words to fans who have been worrying about your health?

Khan: I’ve been going to the gym with Peanut to get fit. So please don’t worry about my health.

Peanut: I’ve been exercising with a personal trainer…trying different workouts. However when Khan goes to the gym the only thing he does is run (On treadmills). To call that an exercise…

Khan: Ah…It’s better than not exercising. I do 3km every time.

SPOTV: Any words for your fans?

Khan: We are continuing to practise hard, to improve our plays and win. So please continue supporting us.

GorillA: We’ll not grow complacent, we’ll continue to push ourselves and improve.

Peanut: We’re so close to making it directly to the LCK finals. We’ll focus extra hard on the remaining matches and show good performance.


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