Kingzone DragonX Bdd: “I did cry after winning the last LCK finals…I didn’t today because I’m saving my tears for after winning MSI”

PraY and GorillA being interviewed Image Source: SPOTV

Kingzone DragonX defeated Afreeca Freecs on a 3-1 result. After the match, SPOTV interviewed Kingzone DragonX players and asked them about their thoughts on their new Championship and their new resolutions as they head into 2018 MSI.

Congratulations on becoming the LCK Spring Split Champions, Kingzone DragonX! We’ll start with GorillA, the team captain.

GorillA: Whenever I came second place, I’d think that that year was my last year. Despite this, I’d always put in my best efforts and I would be rewarded for it. Your blood and sweat will never betray you.

And the fans who’ve supported you so far would agree, too! A word to your fans?

GorillA: The bot duo did well today, we all did well today. This is my 5th year as a professional gamer. I’d like to continue performing well.

PraY! You played so amazingly on Kai’Sa today. This is the 6th LCK finals for you; you are a seasoned veteran now. How did you feel coming into the match today?

PraY: Before we arrived today, we thought it could have been an easy win for us. However Afreeca Freecs had prepared really well for finals, and we had some difficult games today.

Your performance on Kai’Sa was out of the world! You were Kai’Sa, Kai’Sa was you. Any comments on your performance on Kai’Sa today?

PraY: There are some parts that I could have improved on, but we won the match in the end, so I feel good about it.

How does it feel to rake up all the MVP points today?

PraY: Well, I’ve stopped counting because it had been a while that I got MVP before today’s match. Didn’t even know it was a thing today…

Well, you’ve definitely got Playoffs MVP! Taking 3 MVPs today, you get a total of 900 MVP points and become the Playoffs MVP. Congratulations!

PraY receives playoffs MVP after his amazing performance on the finals. Image Source: SPOTV

You must get this question after every match, but who are you thankful the most to?

PraY: My parents came over to watch the finals today. I’ve never lost a finals match where my parents came to watch me. When they told me that they’d be coming today, I somehow trusted that I will not lose today. Therefore I’m thankful to my parents; I am also thankful to fans who’ve come to support us.

Bdd, the immortal! You cried after winning the last split finals. However, you did not cry after winning today’s finals. What changed for you?

Bdd: I did cry after winning last LCK finals. Lots of people have been asking me why I’m not crying today. I’m suppressing it because I’m saving my tears for after winning MSI.

Any promises that you’d like to make to your fans if you win MSI?

Bdd: Promise…hmmm. I’d like to go with crying. I promise to cry.

Did you hear it? Bdd promises to cry if he wins MSI!

Would you say that you’re the best mid-laner out there now?

Bdd: I don’t think I’m doing bad, but I don’t think I’m yet the best in the world. So the next time, I’d like to come back as a better version of myself.

Any resolutions for the MSI?

Bdd: We’ll be representing Korea, so we’d like to show the best of us. I’ll never lose a lane.

Cuzz, you’ve won LCK Spring Split Playoffs without a single loss! How does it feel to lift up the Championship cup again?

Cuzz: It feels good to win another Split after the last one; I’d say that this split, personally, was a more valuable experience for me compared to the last time.

We didn’t get to see a lot of you this Playoffs, but you showed really good performance last Season, and I have no doubt that we’ll see more of you very soon. What kind of a player – a jungler – would you like to become from now on?

Cuzz: Peanut, the other jungler in our team, is extremely good; I’d like to become the next Peanut.

Anything you’d like to say, or anyone you’d like to give thanks to?

Cuzz: When I won the 2017 Summer Split, I never got to tell my parents I love them. This time I’d like to tell them, I love you.

Now for the greatest Jayce in the world, Khan!

Khan: Hi!

How did you feel about your performance today?

Khan: I was so gutted about being solo-killed at Game 1; but I took it back at Game 2, managed to carry this team up. I got my revenge.

You’re known to be a polite person behind the stages, bowing down to players to who you consider to be better players than you.

Khan: I’d say that it’s now a time for other top-laners to come and bow before me!

Any resolutions going into MSI?

Khan: I think I’ve cleared the Korean stage. Now I’m off to make the top-laners in the world bow before me.

Any people that you’d like to give thanks to?

Khan: My parents and family, thank you. The coaches and my teammates, thank you. My Kingzone team staff thank you so much. Thank youuuu!

Peanut, this is your 5th final for you. Every final you attend, you seem to be getting more and more marriage proposals.

Peanut: Huh?

You’re really attracting marriage proposals and the love of the fans! How does it feel to be at this stage?

Peanut: I don’t think I got that rush of blood from this victory as much as the last year, but it feels good to be here again. This rush is part of why I’m a professional gamer. This is the first time in 6 months that I’m getting such a rush again.

Anyone you’d like to give thanks to?

Peanut: My teammates, my family, the coaching staff, my fans…All the fans who’ve come to watch us on today’s match.


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