Kingzone DragonX Bdd: “GorillA looks at PraY with a funny eye. He stares at PraY in a deep, longing gaze.” 

Kingzone DragonX continued their winning streak in LCK Spring Split by defeating ROX Tigers in a close 2:1. Despite some shaky performances and giving up Game 2, in the end of the day Kingzone DargonX took the bo3 away in 2:1, with PraY taking the MVP in Game 1 and Bdd taking the MVP in Game 3. SpoTV interviewed both MVPs after the match, to ask about their performances, GorillA’s surprise gift to Kingzone fans in the audience, and their resolutions as Spring Split draws to a close.

Let’s talk about Game 1. It was a gruelling hour-long game, something that we do not usually witness in Kingzone games.

PraY: Our team made several mistakes during the laning phase, and only had a late game to look forward to in order to turn the game around. We managed to stall the game into a long one, which I’m satisfied with.

Ashe has been your signature pick throughout your career; in Game 1, you were seen utilizing Ashe’s E in order to provide the vision to the team.

PraY: I really like Ashe, and she is my comfort pick. There was an opportunity to play Ashe so I fell back into her. GorillA also played really well beside me during laning phase, and it looked like we were going to easily take the game. However, we made some mistakes that made the game stall longer, which I am regretful about.

You must have been exhausted after Game 1. What kind of feedback did the team share internally as you prepared for Game 2 after such a long game?

Bdd: Game 2 looked like a team composition which we could dominate with if we played without mistakes. I remember that the team internally communicated to each other that we should play without mistakes.

Bdd’s “sexy” ult as a Sion that won Kingzone DragonX the teamfight and ultimately the game. Source: SPOTV

Let’s talk about your play as Sion in Game 3 near Baron Pit, where you ulted into the enemy lines as your team was taking Baron. That was a “Sexy driver” moment.

PraY: That’s pretty sexy.

You drifted in so beautifully there, like a sexy man reversing his car only using one hand. What were the team members saying when you guys were chasing the enemy team?

Bdd: At that time, the team was incoherently screaming “Keep going in! Keep going in!” there.


Today, GorillA gave out macaroons to Kingzone DragonX fans in the audience. (Note: 14th of March is “White Day” in Korea, an extension of Valentines Day, where guys give chocolate or candies to girls)

PraY: We usually sleep in in the days that we have a match. GorillA, however, woke up really early today just to deliver these macaroons to the fans. I was reminded of how much love and care he has for the fans.

A question that we curated from the fans; if Kingzone DragonX members were all girls, who would GorillA have given White Day candies to?

Bdd: To PraY-hyung because he is sexy. Sexy Jong-in!

PraY: GorillA would probably have given it to Bdd, the treasure of Kingzone.

Bdd: GorillA does look at PraY with a funny eye. He stares at PraY in a deep, longing gaze.

PraY: That’s an overkill. Stop saying things that you can’t take back, Bdd!

It was a difficult 2:1 match against ROX Tigers today, yet you managed to continue your winning streak. Spring Split is nearing its end now; can you say something to your fans who have supported you up to this point?

PraY: If my memory serves me correctly, if we win just one more match out of the 3 remaining matches we will go directly to the Playoffs finals. We will work hard to make sure that we do indeed make it directly to the finals. Thank you.

Bdd: It really was a difficult match today; given how difficult it was today, we’ll work even harder and make sure we secure a spot in the Playoffs finals. Thank you!


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