Kingzone Cuzz rates Qiyana and Karthus, says he is closing up on Tarzan’s level

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On 18th of July KST, Kingzone DragonX defeated Hanwha Life Esports on a 2-1 match score and became the first-placed team in the 2019 LCK summer split. After the series, Ashley Kang interviewed Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan, the jungler of Kingzone.

With Ashley, Cuzz discussed his growing confidence as a jungler, his thoughts on Qiyana and Karthus in the current meta, and how he rates himself against Griffin’s jungler Lee “Tarzan” Seung-yong who is currently quoted by the analysts as the best jungler in the LCK.

Kingzone DragonX has just defeated Hanwha Life Esports. Kingzone did drop a game — However, the team did win the overall series. How are you feeling now that the match is over?

Cuzz: I believe every match is important, so I’m relieved we’ve won the series. We also had parts where we are lacking. Right now, I’m thinking about how we can fill these lacks.

How would you rate your performance today?

Cuzz: To be honest … Even though I was regretful about some parts of the series, I’d give myself 9 out of 10. I executed everything that was requested of me. I just played my role well. As Karthus, I dealt damage to the opponent champions, impacted the skirmished. At the second game, I put pressure on the mid lane. On the third game, I farmed well. So I’ll go with [9 out of 10].

Qiyana made her LCK debut today. There are still question marks hanging over whether Mordekaiser is viable at the competitive stage at the moment, but Qiyana is being rated highly. She did make an appearance twice today. What are your thoughts on Qiyana — Will we continue to see her at the LCK?

Cuzz: As TusiN said in the MVP interview, Qiyana is a good champion, especially as a counter pick. I guess she’s not being played as much at the moment because the players don’t feel competent enough on her just yet. Every team is already busy preparing for their match, and if you throw Qiyana into the equation it might get too complicated. I guess the teams are preparing to use her, including us.

Yes, I think we will see [Qiyana] often. Especially if a specific team has a good game on her, in which case other teams might try to imitate that team’s execution on Qiyana.

I’d ask like to ask about Karthus. I think Karthus is one of these champions that individual junglers have mixed opinions on. Some jungler favor and excel on Karthus, while other junglers just don’t feel as comfortable playing him. As a jungler who blind picked Karthus today, what are your personal thoughts on Karthus?

Cuzz: [Kingzone] rates Karthus very highly, so we play him often. I’m confident in almost any champion these days. However, my team like Karthus so I guess that’s why I play him often.

That being said, Karthus is a risky champion and needs to be played well in order to have an impact. He is a glass cannon. He has high damage but not that robust, so you always have to know the position of the opponents.

As of 18th of July KST, Cuzz is at second place in the South Korean solo queue, after Tarzan. Image Source: OP.GG

Cuzz, you are currently placed second in the Korean solo queue.

Cuzz: Yes.

You look pretty unphased about that, but the South Korean solo queue is perhaps the most competitive environment out of all regions. Yet you maintain a high position on the ladder. Is this a direct proof of your mechanical skills? Do you think solo queue performances equates to stage performances?

Cuzz: I believe that solo queue performances do link to stage performances. This applies to me, this applies to Tarzan, this applies to Deft. We all have come first place in the solo queue at some point.

I do believe placing high on the solo queue can lead to stage performance, because — Yes, the solo queue games are less about teamwork, but your mechanical skills become very important. Also, the amount of time you can practise as a team per day is limited. Solo queue is where you can figure out various situations or certain match-ups. 

Tarzan is another jungler that gets talked about a lot, due to his performance as a jungler and his first place in the solo queue. Yet, when people are asked to articulate just why Tarzan is so good they often find the task difficult. It’s perhaps because jungle is such a many-faceted role. Cuzz, what are your thoughts on Tarzan and his playstyle?

Cuzz: I don’t think there are any complaints about Tarzan’s mechanical prowess. He really shines at playing as a team. He never puts himself at risk, he never makes mistakes. He is really good at finding what a jungler can do, or what a jungler can enable a teammate to do, at a given point in time.

I can’t speak for certain because we’re not playing at the same team. However, usually, if a jungler does things like that it really helps the team out. So I’d say Tarzan is a good jungler.

The international fans often quote Tarzan as the best jungler in the LCK. Cuzz, do you agree with this notion?

Cuzz: I do believe that Tarzan is a very good player. He is either better than me, or I’m very close to his level at the moment. I believe I’ve really improved on playing as a team recently, reduced the number of mistakes I make. 

That being said, I might be better suited for the current meta. I’m better at … I feel that Tarzan lacks a little around playing aggressively, especially when he’s not on a tank champion. I wonder if I’m better jungler than him, at that front.

Still, Tarzan makes less mistake than me. So, for now, I’d say Tarzan is a better jungler than me.

So Tarzan is better at playing as a team and without mistakes, while you are better at playing aggressively and on skirmishes …

Cuzz: Yes. I think I’m closing up on Tarzan’s level, overall.

Image Source: Riot Games

Kingzone has maintained its high position in the LCK standings by defeating Hanwha Life Esports today. As Kingzone continues to look to climb to the top of the LCK standings, is there any team that you are particularly wary of, a team that you think could give you a challenge?

Cuzz: It’s true that we have to perform well against all teams … However, my personal prayer is that SK Telecom T1 does not climb up the standings any further. Because they are the team that came first place in the LCK last split. I’m wary of them.

Right now, [SKT is] low in the [LCK] standings. If they do not climb up any further, we will have an easier time qualifying to Worlds. SKT is just a team that can potentially defeat us at any given moment. They beat us many times during the spring split. That also makes me feel wary of them.

The next match is Gen.G. Gen.G really has been on fire in terms of their performance the last few matches. What are your resolutions on your next match against Gen.G?

Cuzz: We will be playing against Gen.G next, only two days to go. I’ll work hard — Well, I’m always working hard. I will not grow complacent and prepare hard so I may defeat Gen.G. Gen.G has been climbing higher on the standings these days, which makes the match just much more important.

People’s expectation for Gen.G is very high at the moment. What are your personal expectations of Gen.G? Will they prove to be a formidable opponent, or do you expect a clean 2:0 sweep? 

Cuzz: It feels as if … Gen.G maintains a certain playstyle, that they have modified just slightly. They’ve innovated in the details, but the bigger frame in the way the play hasn’t changed. So we’ll have to “bully” them around the bigger frame of their playstyle, thought drafts, through plays. If we make these preparations … We could defeat Gen.G easily. I have a lot of confidence these days, and I believe that I will do well on that match against Gen.G, too.


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