Kiin on the goal of Afreeca Freecs: “Our primary aim has to be avoiding relegations at all costs.”

Afreeca Freecs created the biggest upset of recent weeks by defeating SANDBOX Gaming, the second place team in the LCK. In Game 2, Kiin carried the game on Jayce, dragging Afreeca to a miracle victory. The game win seemed to inspire Afreeca, as all the players showed better performances in Game 3 and earned the team their first series win in a while.

Afreeca Freecs has finished its final match of the first round of the spring split with a clean victory. We are joined by the two MVPs, Kiin and Aiming. This is the victory that you’ve been waiting for after three losses in a row. How are you feeling?

Kiin: We’ve been losing a few games recently, so the team atmosphere has been bad. After today’s victory, I think we’ll see the team atmosphere improve again. So, I am relieved.

Aiming: We’ve been losing but today we’ve beaten SANDBOX Gaming, a powerful opponent. I am extremely happy.

Kiin, you’ve shown a top lane carry performance for the century today. Summit, the opposing top laner, used to be your sub last year. Did you talk to him before the match?

Kiin: We didn’t have a conversation. When I sat down in the booth to start the game, I looked around, and there was Summit next to me. It was a weird feeling, it was funny.

In Game 2, you had over 90% kill participation. You also dealt 40k damage and were the highest damage dealing player on your team. How did that feel?

Kiin: I didn’t feel like I was dealing too much damage, but when I saw the damage graph I was surprised.

This is a meta where it is difficult for a top laner to carry the match. Did the team collectively decide to play around you in Game 2?

Kiin: We did strategize the game as such, and I think things went as we planned.

We’d also like to ask about the moment where you solokilled Urgot after a long chase.

Kiin: I was pretty fed at that point, and I saw Urgot pushing the lane, a disrespectful move. I told myself, “Today is the day you’re getting beaten up” and kept chasing him. Urgot’s health was low so I was sure that I would be able to beat him.

Perhaps Kiin’s performance in Game 2 inspired the entire team to perform better in Game 3. Would you say this is the case, Aiming?

Aiming: Yeah, yeah.

Aiming stepped up on Kai’Sa for Game 3 against SANDBOX Gaming, claiming victory. Image Source: Riot Games

Aiming, you built Infinity Edge and Guinsoo on Kai’Sa. What is the best build for Kai’Sa in your opinion?

Aiming: I think whatever build gives the fastest Q upgrade on Kai’Sa is the best build. Some go Blade of the Ruined King on Kai’Sa, but if you are building a Ruined King, you might as well as go Vayne.

In the early lane phase, the bot lane managed to kill Tahm Kench twice without jungle intervention. How did you manage this?

Aiming: For the first kill, Jelly wanted to go in, and I was able to respond to it. For the second kill, I don’t remember it completely but I guess our teamwork paid off.

Also, we’d like to talk about the teamfight around Baron that ended Game 3. 

Kiin: We knew that we will win any teamfight so Baron was just a bait, and we initiated the teamfight.

Do you have any goals for the second round robin of the spring split?

Kiin: Looking at the current situation, our primary aim has to be avoiding relegations at all costs. We just have to practice hard from now on and increase our performance.

Aiming: I really want to finish at least 5th place.


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