HLE Sowhan on his triple-kill Kennen: “Sangyoon told me that [my Kennen] had evolved from Pikachu to Raichu”

Kim "Moojin" Moo-jin and Kim "Sowhan" Jun-yeong of Hanwha Life Esports. Image Source: Korizon

On March 23rd, Hanwha Life Esports pushed KT Rolster one step closer to 2019 Summer Promotions by defeating them with a 2-0 match score. A successful early jungle invade from Hanwha Life Esports was enough for them to clinch the first game, and Kim “SoHwan” Jun-yeong’s Kennen tore through KT’s line of defense. Below is the MVP interview with Kim “Moojin” Moo-jin and Sohwan.

It has been quite a while, Moojin! And this is your first time this year in an MVP interview! How do you feel?

Moojin: I’m really happy. I want to do better so that I can play more often.

Sowhan: I’m also really happy to get the MVP. I’m looking forward to the off-season vacation.

Moojin, you must have been a bit anxious considering that it’s been a long time since you’ve played on stage. The fans would have been eagerly waiting for this moment.

Moojin: I think I was a little nervous. I tried my best to show my full potential today. Luckily, we won and I think I did okay.

Do you have a message to the fans that have been waiting for you?

Moojin: I will work even harder so that I can start more matches in Summer Split.

HLE took a massive lead in game one through a level one jungle invade. Can you elaborate on the situation?

Moojin: We assessed that our top-jungle champion combination was a lot stronger than KT’s, so we went in. We thought that there was no way we could lose the fight.

Moojin, you also made a beautiful gank in the bottom lane with Jarvan IV, skipping your jungle camps. Can you tell us about that?

Moojin: I remember the bottom minion wave was very favorable for a gank. So I asked our bot laners for ward locations, then I went around enemy wards.

Sohwan, KT Rolster drafted Kayle against you. Did you see this coming?

Sohwan: I was expecting it because we knew that KT has been practicing the champion.

In that case, why didn’t you ban her [Kayle]?

Sohwan: Kayle is a very weak and vulnerable champion in the early game, so I felt pretty confident to win lane against Kayle.

Sowhan, you made an impressive teleport play with your Kennen at bot lane in game two. Can you tell us more about that situation?

Sowhan: There isn’t much to be said. My teammates did all the work, and I just took the credit for the kills.

What kind of conversation was going on within the team after the teamfight?

Sowhan: Sangyoon told me that [my Kennen] had evolved from Pikachu to Raichu because my power was overwhelming.

Your last-minute backdoor [to the enemy base] was impressive. Who made the call for the backdoor?

Sowhan: We were trying to bait KT into a Baron attempt, but all of a sudden Tempt tried the throw the game away so it was kind of a desperation call.

Moojin, you seem pretty relaxed on this interview stage. I guess you are used to being on the stage for interviews, given that you’ve built your career in international teams?

Moojin: Yes, I’m used to interviews and the camera. However, it’s been such a long time since my last one, that now it feels a bit weird.

This concludes the spring split for Hanwha Life Esports. Do you have anything to say before you head into the break?

Moojin: This is my first win of the split, so I feel good. I’ll practice even during the vacation so that I can do better in summer.

Sohwan: I want to thank my fans for supporting me. I want to have a nice break during the vacation.


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