Hanwha Life Esports announces the “Beautiful Game” campaign to raise awareness for esports to be recognised as a sport

Photo Credit: Hanhwa Life Esports

Hanwha Life Esports, former ROX Tigers newly acquired by Hanwha Life insurance, will launch a public campaign to raise awareness for esports and League of Legends as a form of sport.

On the 27th of April local time, HLE released a video trailer for the Beautiful Game. The Beautiful Game is a campaign that intends to change people’s perspective of the growing esports industry through a series of online and offline events and other content.

한화생명e스포츠 'Beautiful Game'

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한화생명e스포츠 / Hanwha Life Esports – HLEさんの投稿 2018年4月26日(木)

The trailer for Beautiful Game portrays HLE in a day of practices and scrims. The video depicts HLE not just as “nerdy gamers” but a team of professionals who are committed to their lifestyle and carry a sense of competitiveness, no different from sports players of other established sports.

As part of the Beautiful Game campaign, HLE will also launch a social awareness campaign to promote a healthy and sustainable gaming lifestyle to Korean teenagers. The teenage age bracket takes up the majority of League of Legends players as well as HLE’s fanbase.

Korean Chaebol using its infrastructure and brand awareness to promote esports as a professional industry

Hanwha Life Insurance is the 2nd biggest life insurance company in South Korea, and its revenue is estimated around US$ 9.5 billion. It is considered one of the “chaebols” – mega companies that shape the Korean economy.

As one of the biggest providers of life insurance in Korea, Hanhwa Life Insurance is also one of the most recognized brands in Korea. Hanwha Life Insurance’s commitment to actively working towards raising awareness for esports as a professional industry is projected to make a big impact towards changing the public opinion of esports.


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