[SC2 GSL Season 2: Code S] GSL Champion Dark: “…This GSL Championship, I think this is just the beginning.”

Dark is your GSL Season 2: Code S Champion. Image source: AfreecaTV broadcast in http://afreecatv.com/afgsl

For the first time in GSL, since the launch of LotV, we have our first ever Zerg Champion. We will shout his name to all, Dark, Park Ryung-woo! After many difficult challenges, falling in semifinals before, not being able to attain the dream of going to finals, after three different attempts, in his third try he has finally done it. It was a difficult time for you, multiple Ro16, Ro4 finishes, “if it’s Dark there’s no way he can win GSL”. It has taken some time, but you have finally done it. How do you feel?

Dark: It has taken a very long time. Every time I was eliminated in GSL, at first it didn’t affect me that much, but when I was met with the same result over and over, it was difficult for me. I wondered if I was destined to never achieve my goal. I thought I would cry as soon as I win, but I guess it didn’t quite…

I can see tears though? Dark, being told you were the favorite to take it all, after constant eliminations, there were so many of it. In your last match against Classic, in the Super tournament, after winning against everyone, it went to 7 games, and then you were eliminated. You have once called JYP, who has recently left to serve his military service, that you wanted to die, it was so difficult, that you thought you could win, that you were going crazy, wondering how you could lift your head. You have suffered for so long. Now, with your family and friends here, you were able to, on the finals stage, able to rise to the very top in GSL, and you have left your mark in history. It was so close every time, but you have finally done it. Do you have words

Dark: Actually, my father didn’t come. He had once said that if he came to watch, that I would lose the match. So he told me that he won’t come today. After hearing that, I was tried even harder in my game.

You were able to win thanks to your father not coming over to watch. A true prophet, with your mother watching over you, you were able to win. Having cheered for you, believed in you, your family’s support makes up an integral part of your success. As a son, look towards your mother, as the best player in the world, the best Zerg player, the first ever LotV Zerg Champion, Dark.

Dark: Over the years, thank you for being proud of me. My mother has not changed her KakaoTalk profile for 3 years now, and I am glad that she would be able to finally change it once more.There are also the fans, who cheered your name to celebrate your victory. They have waited 6 years for this moment. Do you have any words for the fans?

Dark: The cheers of my fans were able to reach out to me through my headphones. Whenever I heard, I was able to gain strength from it, grab hold of myself in difficult moments and rise once more. I am always thankful, and this GSL Championship, I think this is just the beginning.

Please cheer for Dark once more. Trap, while your first finals held disappointing result for you, you were the new wave that swept up this season’s GSL, do you have any words to your family and fans that have cheered for you? 

Trap: I would like to thank everyone who came over to spectate. A lot of people has helped me with my practices, and I have no regrets about the result, having given it my all. I think I can once again make it to this stage once more, and I would like to give my congratulations to Dark.

Once again, please cheer for these two players, who have prepared very hard to make this entertaining match happen.


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