Griffin’s Tarzan: “As long as we ourselves play well, we didn’t think we would lose.”

Chovy and Tarzan are the MVP of today's match against DAMWON Gaming. Image Source: Korizon

Griffin has defeated DAMWON Gaming to conclude their first week with a 2-0 match record.

Riot Korea has interviewed Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon and Lee “Tarzan” Seung-yong following the match

Griffin has reached their second victory of the split. We will be meeting with the MVPs of the match, Chovy and Tarzan. Hello!

Chovy and Tarzan: Hello!

It seems the team has improved overall from their last series, with you Chovy once again having retrieved your form from the last split. Can you tell us what kinds of feedback you received?

Chovy: For our first match, I think I wasn’t able to grab as much farm as I could have, which hindered my concentration.

So, instead of extensive changes, you took further care in regards to your plays?

Chovy: Yes.

Tarzan, from way back in your Challenger days, you have never lost a series against DAMWON Gaming. Do you believe your team to have a natural edge over them?

Tarzan: Because they are my opponents, I’m not quite sure, but since we have a winning record over them I think we are more comfortable when facing them.

In interviews, Sword mentioned he didn’t take much notice about this sort of things. Did you have any confidence about the matchup?

Tarzan: As long as we ourselves play well, we didn’t think we would lose, so we just focused on that.

One of the main talks about the first game was Chovy’s CS. With 3 level difference in the mid lane at one point, and 280 CS at 21 minutes, can you tell us where all that farm came from?

Chovy: While I was going around, there was no one near me. So, I just grabbed what I could. This allowed me to grow quickly ingame.

You were stealing away the enemy jungle camps as well. Did Tarzan freeing up the jungle allow that to happen?

Tarzan: I did give away some of mine as well. By freeing up my own camps, I was able to contribute.

Taking Tarzan’s camps, and your opponent’s camps as well, that’s amazing.

Chovy: As long as I do well.

Yes, of course. We will be looking at an Ace that occurred in the first game. The teamfight there was quite amazing. Can you explain what was happening?

Chovy: I just used skills on the enemy champions in front of me, and then took a Ryze ult finish them off.

Tarzan: Braum didn’t join in the ult.

Oh didn’t he? But Braum hit a 3-men ult in the Dragon Pit, and it seems Lehends was more motivated after the comment about talking too much. Do you agree?

Chovy: I think he was his usual self.

How about you Tarzan?

Tarzan: Because they exchange that kind of banter during scrims as a joke, I think it’s fun.

In the second game, you, Tarzan showed great performance. With Olaf, you were able to dominate over your opponent’s Sejuani. Instead of Cinderhulk, you have opted to go Warrior enchantment. Can you tell us what kind of advantages there are in going Warriors?

Tarzan: With Cinderhulk Olaf, I don’t think it has a particular strength, so if you want to go strong early on, it’s better to go for Warrior enchantment.

You were always there to counter Sejuani whenever she appeared. It was as if you were able to see right through the enemy jungler. Do you plan our your plays beforehand, or follow your instincts?

Tarzan: I don’t really plan it, but as I play the game, if the situation calls for it, I play as needed.

With Griffin having improved from their first series people would be of attentive of your next match. With expectation rising up, how are you planning on preparing for the match Chovy?

Chovy: I will just prepare well.

Tarzan, do you have a specific strategy in mind?

Tarzan: With my hands warmed up, I think we will be able to win our next match without any problem.


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