Griffin, the “Kingzone DragonX of Challengers” look to challenge MVP and Kongdoo Monsters for a placement in LCK

Griffin and the Ever8 Winners look to challenge MVP and the Kongdoo Monsters in the LCK 2018 Summer Promotion – starting April 17th.

The LCK 2018 Summer Promotion, takes the two bottom teams from the LCK Spring Split and two top teams from the Challengers Korea Spring Split. They fight to decide which of the two teams will advance to the LCK. MVP and the Kongdoo Monsters were respectively placed 9th and 10th in the LCK 2018 Spring Split and will be forced to go through the Promotions – in order to reclaim their LCK spots for Summer Split.

The Promotion matches will be held in 17th, 19th and 21st of April. For the global fans, the matches will also be streamed in Twitch and cast in English by the OGN English casters – PapaSmithy, Achilios, and Atlus.

Griffin, “Kingzone DragonX of Challengers” look to advance to LCK

Fans are especially excited at the prospect of Griffin advancing to LCK. Griffin is a Challengers Korea team consisting of notable rookie players such as Tarzan, Lehend and Viper. Griffin first drew international attention in the 2017 KeSPA cup, when the underdogs defeated the Afreeca Freecs in an upset 2:0 victory. The underdogs then went onto face 3-time World Champions SK Telecom T1. They went toe-to-toe with them for all 3 of the games, being able to snatch a 63 minute win in Game 2 but falling short at the hands of Faker’s Azir.

Since then, Griffin has been dominating Challenger Korea. Nicknamed the “Kingzone DragonX of Challengers” by the Korean casters, they secured their spot in the Promotion tournament with a 93.3% seasonal winrate. Griffin, first popularized the use of combining Thresh’s lantern with Skarner’s ult which had subsequently led to many other teams copying this combo – dubbed the “Griffin Special” by the English casters.


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