GorillA joins Sandbox Gaming

On the 21st of November KST, Sandbox Gaming announced the signing of Kang “GorillA” Beom-hyun as their new support for the 2020 LCK season.

GorillA is a veteran support player, well known for his time with ROX Tigers and Kingzone DragonX, with whom he had won multiple LCK Championships. In 2019, he had opted to join LEC’s Misfits in the hopes of adding more international success to his illustrious career. Unfortunately, Misfits were never able to truly shine despite the talents they held, and GorillA was let go in the middle of the season.

Sandbox Gaming is a roster that had previously consisted of inexperienced players. While Joker currently holds the title of the oldest active player within Korea, he had debuted in the LCK this season and lacks the competitive experience that GorillA possesses. However, Joker has been praised by his teammates for his shotcalling, and has been regarded as a key part of the team. It is likely that these two players will be competing for the starting role.


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