Doran joins DragonX

On the 4th of December, KST, DragonX announced the signing of Doran for the 2020 LCK season.

Doran has debuted in professional play this year, replacing Sword in the latter half of the Summer split. While he has shown shaky moments throughout the regular season, he showed flashes of brilliance as well, contributing to Griffin’s 1st place finish in the regular season.

However, while Doran was part of Griffin’s 6 men lineup for Worlds, he did not see any play over Sword, who played all of Griffin’s matches as their starting top laner.

DragonX had chosen a bold direction for this year’s offseason, replacing the majority of their coaching staff. They have also parted ways with every one of their starting players except Deft. With the signing of a growing plyer in Doran, as well as the promotion of Keria and Pyosik to the main roster, DragonX will look to rely on young talents for the upcoming season.


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