Gen. G Ruler regarding his performance: “Today, I am unsatisfied, but overall we won the match. So I am okay with it”

Gen. G has defeated LCK champion KT Rolster to proceed to the finals of the 2018 KeSPA Cup. On the 28th of December, Gen. G and KT Rolster faced each other in the semifinals of the tournament, playing a Bo5 to decide who will advance to the last stage. With a great performance from the Gen. G players, notably the team’s star player Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk, they will face the winner of Damwon Gaming vs Griffin, to be decided tomorrow.

Song “Fly” Yong-jun and Ruler have been interviewed following their win.


The first spot for 2018 KeSPA Cup finals, to be played in Sejong University, has been decided. With a 3-1 victory, Gen. G will be making an appearance over KT Rolster. We will be interviewing two of Gen. G’s players, Ruler and Fly.

Today you have earned a well-deserved victory. You have made it to the finals of KeSPA Cup. After a disappointing finish to your last season and subsequently rebuilding the roster, it must have made victory better. Fly, can you tell me how you feel? 

Fly: We recently added new players to the team, but we seem to have decent synergy with each other, so [making it to the finals] left quite an impression on me.

Ruler, how do you feel?

Ruler: I am very happy right now.

Ruler, how do you feel about today’s performance?

Ruler: Today, I am unsatisfied, but overall we won the match. So I am okay with it.

Fly, you must feel proud right now as the team captain. With your playstyle being about helping the team, does your new role change any part of it?

Fly: Whenever I played, I felt like I was in a spotlight. There is quite a weight [in my new role].

You have been doing well in the tournament with Zoe, but with the champion being banned, you picked Urgot instead with great results.

Fly: I personally didn’t expect the Zoe ban, but when it happened, I found it fun.

On your last game, when Nocturne ulted midlane, I thought that Peanut would die, but you managed to keep in check 3 enemy champions, getting a double kill in the end. Do you remember?

Fly: While I was playing, I saw the angle and just went for it.

How about you Ruler? Do you remember that moment?

Ruler: When we saw Gragas’s health was low, I thought we lost, but then Fly played very well, and we managed to win [the fight].

I’m guessing that second game was quite rough for you Ruler, facing off against Lucian and Leona in the laning phase. Can you describe your experience against KT’s bot lane?

Ruler: I believe they are good players. I underestimated them in the second game and paid the price for it.

In the third set, enemy team was starting Baron with Lee Sin down, but in that fight, you picked off Kingen’s Irelia, which eventually lead to the win. Can you tell me about the teamfight there?

Ruler: Their Baron speed was quite slow, so we decided that if we look for a fight, we can win.

We were able to see lots of highlight plays in today’s match. To both of the players, who would you recommend for MVP of today?

Fly: I think CuVee played better than expected.

Ruler: I think Life did very well.

There was a funny comment regarding CuVee, with the players declaring “live with CuVee for just a week”. Can you tell me the context?

Fly: I am just saying facts.

Ruler: You will probably know within a day.

Oh, is it not appropriate for the broadcast?

Ruler: No, it’s not. It’s a bit disgusting.

But in today’s series, CuVee was?

Ruler: He was great.

Now, there are just the finals in Sejong University to look forward to. How do you think you will do? You will face the winner of Damwon Gaming vs Griffin.

Fly: Both teams are quite scary, but luckily we will be facing them in the finals.

Ruler, I heard your birthday is tomorrow? Happy Birthday!

Ruler: Thank you.

I’m sure with today’s win, you will get more congratulations. Any last words for fans?

Ruler: With my birthday being tomorrow [29th of December], I am glad that we managed to win. So, please celebrate my birthday.

Again, congratulations on your victory today, and thank you for the interview!

This has been an interview with the winners of Gen. G vs KT Rolster, Ruler and Fly.


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