Gen.G Ruler regarding his champion pool: “I favor Ezreal the most, but I am practicing other champions as well”

Ruler is the MVP of today's match against DAMWON Gaming. Image Source: Riot Games

Gen.G Esports has defeated DAMWON Gaming in their first match of 2019 LCK Summer Split. After a creative draft from DAMWON Gaming in the first game, bringing out mid lane Camille for ShowMaker, Gen.G was quick to come back from their deficit, relying on the strength of their bottom lane in order to make a comeback victory in the match.

Riot Korea has interviewed Gen.G Esports’ AD carry Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk following the match.

Gen.G is back and their return is truly welcome. In the center of all this is Ruler of Gen.G Esports. We will be meeting him right now. Hello!

Ruler: Hello!

You have shown many awesome plays that were worthy of applause throughout the game. Gen.G is a team that had many changes during the break after Spring, the team with the most changes [out of all the LCK teams this split]. Your roster has grown in size during this time. Do you feel assured[about the changes?]

Ruler: Because the new players that came in are bright in personality, they liven up the atmosphere quite well and are fun to have around.

Regarding these changes, there could have been difficulties regarding synergy. Were there any problems?

Ruler: Because I had no substitution player under me, I don’t think I felt any difficulties [related to roster changes].

While the bottom lane is more comfortable, the mid lane is quite a chaos right now. How is the team mood from the three mid laners competing for the starting spot? Do you believe there are any improvements?

Ruler: Because it makes you try harder, and allow you to ramp up in your skills, I think it’s a good competition.

Aren’t you speaking as if it’s someone else’s business completely?

Ruler: Regarding this part, I don’t have anything especially to say, I think.

One of the many feedbacks to the team was a change in playstyle. Going into this summer split, how was the preparation process.

Ruler: In the middle of preparations, I tend to sometimes have huge slumps during the process. It’s a toiling experience for me. Regarding playstyle changes, honestly, I think it doesn’t matter as long as we do well so there aren’t many thoughts about that.

Through this game, it seems Gen.G was playing through bottom lane similar to the last split. It may be because you, Ruler, are playing for the team, but what do you think about this observation about the team?

Ruler: It has to do with our opponents because it seemed they were explicitly hinting that they will be playing through top lane. In response to that, we have decided to play through bottom lane.

You have achieved victory in the end. In the first game, DAMWON Gaming has taken for themselves some interesting champions, with some being the hottest picks right now. What was it like facing against such composition, and how was the feedback after the match?

Ruler: It was quite stressful, with the picks being flexed. There were a lot of things to think about, which was frustrating, but after falling to it once, I think we learned from the experience and was okay.

In the second game, you have picked the Ezreal-Braum lane once more. Was there a reason you didn’t change to a different bottom lane duo?

Ruler: Because we thought we were good, we have opted to play Ezreal-Braum lane once more.

There are many different champions that are coming into play. In the bottom lane, what is the champion you favor the most?

Ruler: I favor Ezreal the most, but I am practicing other champions as well, so I think I can bring out a surprise pick in the future.

Peanut today had played Skarner during this series. While piloting the pick, there were talks he seemed to be similar to Ambition in the jungle. What do you think about this?

Ruler: In the early game, in terms of farming, and in the late game, Peanut was doing well, which in this regards was similar [to Ambition]. I don’t think I can disagree with the sentiment.

Gen.G has shown great teamwork and have shown good performance in their match today. In your next match, you will be facing Kingzone DragonX, where you will be against Deft. Both you and Deft are well known for carrying your teams to victory in the end. Do you have any words before the match?

Ruler: I think Deft is a great AD carry, so as long as we go through the laning phase without any issue, I think we can do well in teamfights.

Thank you for the interview today, Congratulations on your victory today!


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