Former Gen.G support CoreJJ joins Team Liquid

CoreJJ joins TL. Image source: Team Liquid's official Instagram.

CoreJJ, the former support player for Gen.G Esports, has joined Team Liquid. The support player who had previously played for Dignitas will be returning to NA.

On 21th of November KST, Team Liquid announced through their official Instagram Account that the team has acquired CoreJJ. CoreJJ began his career in 2014, at that time considered one of the upcoming AD carry rookies in Korea along with Imp and Piglet. CoreJJ played for a while in NA LCS’s Team Dignitas, before returning to Korea in order to sign up for Samsung Galaxy. It was in Samsung Galaxy that CoreJJ changed his position to support and eventually won 2017 World Championship.

In the interview with Team Liquid, CoreJJ said, “Doublelift is the main reason behind my decision to join Team Liquid. I know for a fact that Doublelift is a good player as he always attends Worlds, and I believe we can both improve together by having a good relationship.”

With his status as the former World Champion and his exemplary performance in the LCK, his addition to the team will be a welcome one for the TL fans. With the news of Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen, lauded for his part in securing the first-ever Semifinals by a North American team, TL continues to uphold their characteristic offseason proactivity


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