Flash Wolves Bugi regarding his mid laner Rather: “I had a bit of a heart-to-heart with Rather, and we have gotten close as well as improving our synergy ingame.”

Bugi after his match against Team Liquid. Image Source: Riot Games

We will be meeting with Bugi, who has won his recent match against Team Liquid. Congratulations on your victory, while you have lost your first match today, you have returned with good performance to defeat TL. Can you tell us how you are feeling?

Bugi: I’m very happy right now. Because we will be basically out of the tournament if we lost to Team Liquid today, we played with a “do or die” mindset.

Your Xin Zhao was once again open for you to pick. You have shown great performance in both games. Can you tell us whether you are more confident when playing Xin Zhao, and what kind of strength the champion possess in the current meta?

Bugi: Because teams tend to ban Rek’sai and Jarvan against us, we didn’t have too many options to blind pick for jungle, so we decided on Xin Zhao.

Your playstyle has been described to be quite fearless, which caused people to be worried about it. Is your playstyle usually aggressive?

Bugi: Well my style is aggressive, but since the rest of the team, except for Rather, are Taiwanese, there are some communication issues, which I think is also a factor.

You mentioned Rather, and currently, the Flash Wolves mid-jungle duo has been rated well this MSI. With both of you together in a foreign region, you two must rely on each other. Can you describe the synergy between both of you?

Bugi: When we first started, it wasn’t that great. Our synergy was off, and in LMS, we were rated as the worst mid-jungle duo. From the second round of the regular season, I had a bit of a heart-to-heart with Rather, and we have gotten close as well as improving our synergy ingame.

There are a lot of fans back in Korea that is supporting you. Do you have any words?

Bugi: Well, when I checked social media, I saw quite a bit of flame. But that’s because I was because I was playing badly, so it can’t be avoided. In the future, I will try my best.


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