SKT Faker on his performance on Zoe: “I think [the game] turned out well because I am just that good at Zoe.”

SK Telecom T1 solidified their 3rd place in the LCK once again by defeating Gen.G. At the centre of this victory was Lee “Faker” Sang-hyuk who carried the wins with stellar performances on LeBlanc and Zoe, and was awarded double MVP for the series.

After the match, Riot Korea interviewed Faker.

It’s so strange to introduce this player and say “He has been awarded the first MVP of the split”. Welcome, Faker!

Many fans have been waiting to finally see you on this MVP stage. Would you like to say anything to the fans?

It’s an MVP after a while, so I am happy. I believe that I can finally be standing here because of all the support the fans have been sending us.

SK Telecom T1 matches [at LoL Park] have continuously been selling out. Faker, I think you are the biggest reason for this phenomenon.


You have led the team to victory today. How do you feel about the victory today?

I don’t think our performance was as good as we had hoped it to be, but we have won and I have also received the MVP. I am satisfied with today’s match.

You have indeed been awarded an MVP and a double MVP at that. You haven’t been playing LeBlanc for a while, however today you played LeBlanc. Why did you decide to play LeBlanc today?

The meta has changed recently. Before, I used to play other champions because I have so many champions that I can pick; however, after the new patch, it naturally created a situation for me to pick LeBlanc.

You had a good performance on LeBlanc, and the solo-kill against Fly’s Zoe was especially memorable. Can you tell us more about this moment?

I was already predicting to Zoe to flash forward and use her E. So I was able to dodge that through prediction and kill him.

Faker is interviewed by Riot Korea. Image Source: Twitch/lck_korea

How did it feel to go against Fly, the mid laner of Gen.G?

Fly played defensively in Game 1, but he started playing aggressively in Game 2 probably because SKT had lost Game 1. He started playing more confidently. That made it easier for me to find openings to solo-kill him. As for Game 3, I think it turned out well because I am just that good at Zoe.

Can you give us a tip on how to use Zoe’s Sleepy Trouble Bubble well?

You have to use it well.

Khan, awarded MVP in a previous match instead of you, stated that “Faker can get an MVP at his own time”. Now that you’ve won the MVP, do you have any response to him?

Actually, I think there were a few times that I should have been awarded the MVP but I was not. I was pretty regretful. I’d like to get these MVPs rather then have other players take them.

The next match will be the final match of the LCK spring split round 1. Do you have any resolutions for the next match?

We have suffered two losses, against Griffin and SANDBOX Gaming. Therefore, we have to beat KT Rolster at all costs. Also, it is a Telecom War so I think the management will be happy if we beat KT. [Note: SKT and KT are rival telecom companies in South Korea]

Do you personally use an SKT phone?

Yep, I use SKT.


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