DAMWON Nuguri on why he picked Vladimir against Jin Air: “Yes, I was slightly enraged with the thought to redeem myself.”

Image Source: Twitch/lck_korea

On 17th of June, DAMWON Gaming redeemed itself by defeating Jin Air Greenwings on a 2-1 match score. DAMWON had a difficult start to the game, by being defeated by Jin Air on the first game. However, the team came back with a solid performance led by the strong mechanics of the team’s individual players.

After the game, Riot Korea interviewed the two MVPs of the match, top laner Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon and jungler Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu.

You are on a two-game win streak! Today’s match was extremely important to keep the momentum going. Can you tell us how you are feeling?

Nuguri: I’m happy to keep the strong momentum going with our second victory in a row.

Congratulations! Canyon, with Jin Air Greenwings performing well lately, it must have been challenging to face them. It felt like you had a rough start with the defeat during game one. What feedback did you get after game one?

Canyon: I told myself that we will win if I play as usual, and do what I can.

Perhaps the team discussed the reason you lost at game one. Could you share it with us?

Canyon: We were playing a high engage comp, but they had many champions that countered our comp that made it challenging for us.

But in game two and three, DAMWON showed up with a different performance altogether. As for Nuguri, your game two performance was quite impressive. You took your revenge solo kill on Lindarang. How did you see an opening?

Nuguri: Yes, it’s when I wanted to run away after taking the blue buff. I knew Kennen [Lindarang] had ult. My ult was on cooldown, but I knew I had a chance to win from the start since I have magic resist items.

Many fans are wondering if you were enraged during game two, by the way you had performed. Was it that your struggle during game one had provoked you?

Nuguri: I played Kennen during game one, and it didn’t work out too well. I didn’t push sidelines well either, which made the game harder. I decided to go with a more comfortable pick during game two and decided to pick Vladimir. Yes, I was slightly enraged with the thought to redeem myself.

You were all over the Rift with Comet Akali in game three. It’s not a common rune for Akali, so can you tell us why you picked Comet?

Nuguri: I tend to go with Electrocute, Fleet Footwork, and Comet. I feel that Comet and Electrocute are quite similar, so my rune choice ultimately depends on how I feel.

Nuguri, you are known to utilize unique runes. Please tell us about how you study your runes.

Nuguri: I tend to reference what other players have been playing. Otherwise, I experiment with different runes on different champions depending on the match-up.

And Canyon, your performance on Jarvan IV at game three was unbelievable. You were the only crowd control champion DAMWON had during game three. What was your strategy?

Canyon: I just picked Jarvan because I had nothing else to play.

I expect you were under great pressure as the team’s only CC. What did you focus on to make it work?

Canyon: There really wasn’t anything special. I just felt like we would win.

Trusting your gut has worked out indeed. Your Jarvan play was astounding today. There were many moments where you forced the fight with 3-man Cataclysm. I’d like to hear about your positioning during those engagements.

Canyon: I went in as the frontline, and our backline just dealt damage, that was it.

Image Source: Twitch/lck_korea

I notice you laughing, Nuguri. Is there anything you’d like to elaborate on to Canyon’s plays today?

Nuguri: We had some great openings to teamfights, all thanks to Jarvan’s ult and E+Q combo. Jarvan was very good.

The top side of DAMWON gaming has been very reliable for the last few matches. Do you agree, Canyon?

Canyon: Our top and mid lane have always been on point, so all there is left is for me to do well.

You are doing a great job now, and I believe that DAMWON will continue to succeed.

You will be facing SKT next week. If DAMWON wins the next match the team’s ranking in the LCK will go up considerably. I’d like to hear a resolution from you, Nuguri.

Nuguri: I’m sure that SKT is pretty enraged right now. I’d like to keep a good momentum against this enraged SKT.


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