DAMWON Gaming’s Flame: “I look forward to improving more in the future.”

Damwon Gaming has defeated Jin Air Greenwings, solidifying their top 4 ranking in the LCK. With their recent victory over SK Telecom T1, Damwon Gaming’s momentum has yet to cease, with a clean 2-0 series to close out the day.

Here is Riot Korea’s interview following the match.

Hoit last time you received your MVP, the team had unfortunately lost the series. This is your first MVP interview, how do you feel?

Hoit: This is my first MVP interview, so I am quite nervous. I’m still happy though.

Flame you received another MVP today. How do you feel?

Flame: It feels great.

Can you tell us about your victory today?

Flame: While we are overall satisfied with the match, there were a couple of mistakes. Outside of that, I am content.

In both series, Rek’Sai was banned both times. Were you worried about handing it over to your opponents?

Hoit: We were not quite sure about Rek’Sai yet so it was banned.

Hoit, your Ali was quite spectacular, with numerous roams made. Was this due to the passivity in the bot lane?

Hoit: By the time I returned to the base during the lane phase, I had 900 gold. I bought Boots of Mobility, then shotcalled for the team to make an aggressive play, which prompted the team to go for red [in Jin Air’s jungle].

There was mass rotation in the roster, with Flame coming out in the second game. Are you preparing different playstyles within the team?

Hoit: Our head coach mentioned this in an interview, but he seems to be aiming for a team consisting of starters, not subs.

Flame you faced off against a rookie player, TaNa. What’s your assessment of him?

Flame: He must have been nervous since it was his first time, but he played well.

Damwon has to continue its win streak. How do you look to maintain this win streak?

Hoit: We will play as we have while reducing the number of mistakes we make.

Flame, will you be looking for your third MVP?

Flame: Even more than MVP, in the second game we were very ahead, but there were moments that felt frustrating. I would like to reduce those moments. Outside of that, I thought it was alright, and I look forward to improving more in the future.

Thank you for the interview


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