CoreJJ on TL’s mentality before their match against iG: “Before the series, we had the mindset of ‘hey, looking at it, we play better’.”

TAIEPEI, Chinese Taipei - May 17: --- during the 2019 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational Semifinals Stage at the Heping Basketball Gymnasium on May 17, 2019 in Taipei, Chinese Taipei. (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

We will be meeting with Team Liquid’s CoreJJ, who has won the first match of 2019 MSI Semifinals. Congratulations, you have achieved one of the biggest upset in League of Legends history, defeating Invictus Gaming. Tell us how you are feeling.

CoreJJ: After winning, I feel so good, and part of that is because starting from Summer split, we won’t be hearing “upset” to describe our victories from now on, so I think that will make playing in LCS quite interesting.

Your opponent has shown amazing result in the Group stage. Weren’t you nervous going into the match?

CoreJJ: Instead of getting nervous, because we had close games against iG, which we felt we could have won, we were able to play more confidently.

You were showing aggressive plays in the bottom lane, grabbing lane priority that contributed to your team’s victories. How was the practice going into today’s series?

CoreJJ: Instead of showing all the picks we had prepared, we played a lot of champions that we usually played. Before the series, we had the mindset of “hey, looking at it, we play better”, which I think helped.

We were able to see Alistar for the first time this MSI. Is this a champion you prepared beforehand, or something you play normally?

CoreJJ: Yes, Alistar is a champion that I played often after going to North America. I was debating whether to pick it or not, but after Baolan picked it in the first game, I got to pick it naturally.

Another thing that I wanted to talk about was the mid lane Lux. What was the story behind that?

CoreJJ: Our mid laner [Jensen] said he wanted to play Lux, and said it looked good, which is why it was picked.

What kind of strengths does Lux have?

CoreJJ: If you rewatch Game 2 of NA LCS finals, you will be able to see something good. I think we realized after that.

This final is Doubellift’s first international tournament finals ever. According to the NA fans, your role in achieving this was huge. Do you have any message for the ecstatic NA fans in English?

CoreJJ: [In English] I always thank you for supporting me, and my team, and Peter [Doublelift]. This is not the end. This is not the end, so we are going to show you more fantastic plays. Thank you.

Can you repeat what you just said for the Korean fans?

CoreJJ: I just said we will play well.

You have thanked the fans who have supported you, the team and Doublelift, and have said this is not over, and you will continue to show great plays. Now you have just the finals remaining. Which, out of G2 and SKT, do you think you will face?

CoreJJ: I think, since SKT is on a momentum, full of great players, and is a great team, I think they will be the ones to advance.

Do you have any last words?

CoreJJ: As I said before, I think it will be a shame if it ends like this. I want more and more, and no matter who’s our opponent in the finals, I want to do well.


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