Bdd signs with KT Rolster, along with Snowflower

KT Rolster announced that the team has signed with Bdd and Snowflower and renewed contracts with Smeb and Score. This is the first roster announcement that KT has made since the departure of three members of its starting roster, Ucal, Rush, Deft and Mata.

Bdd debuted for CJ Entus in 2016, making a name as a super-rookie despite the underwhelming performance of CJ at that time. At 2017 Summer Bdd transferred to Longzhu Gaming, where he would blossom as one of LCK best mid laners and win 2017 LCK Summer Split. The addition of Bdd as well as Snowflower, returning to LCK from Turkey’s SuperMassive, will be a welcome one to KT Rolster fans.

With the acquisition, KT Rolster makes a solid foundation for a competitive roster. KT now must find an AD carry to replace Deft, who has recently announced that he has signed for Kingzone DragonX in a record-setting salary.


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