Bdd on being reunited with PraY at KT Rolster: “When I’m with PraY, I feel comfortable just by being around him.”

Bdd is the MVP of today's match against Gen.G Esports. Image Source: Riot Games

KT Rolster has grabbed their second victory in the 2019 LCK summer split against Gen.G Esports. Both teams have made changes to their roster during the break mid-season, in response to their poor results for the majority of spring split. In the end, KT was able to close out the series with a dominant game 3, with a great showing from MVP of the match Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong.

Riot Korea has interviewed Bdd following the match.

Today’s match was quite an important one [for KT] and your performance ingame was great. Can you tell us how you feel?

Bdd: We have been dropping games when we could have played better lately, which is quite regretful. For today’s match we played with the mindset that it would all be over for us if we didn’t win.

Your determination is quite exemplary. We have seen the Smeb-Score-PraY roster today. From your point of view, do you think the game went along in a more stable manner with this particular roster?

Bdd: Honestly, since these players play quite an aggressive style, they were both stable and aggressive ingame.

Your Azir was amazing in the first game. With the fight in the mid lane, KT was able to turn the game in their favor from early on. Can you tell us what happened there?

Bdd: Because Karma had no Flash here I wanted to start a fight. Since Smeb was saying he was coming down mid at the time it worked out well for us.

So it wasn’t your call, but Smeb going down first [that started it]?

Bdd: Yes, it worked out for us because Smeb made the call to roam down to mid lane.

KT was also fortunate enough to grab Rift Herald as well. Did Score say anything about that?

Bdd: I don’t think Score realized he stole it himself. I didn’t know as well when someone just exclaimed “wait, we stole Herald” in the coms. We were quite glad it happened though.

The second game, however, was quite disappointing for you. What do you think was the reason behind the loss?

Bdd: Because we had priority across all lane we played a bit carelessly. If you look at the matches nowadays you see teams making proactive plays all the time, but we didn’t make such plays ourselves, which made the game difficult for us.

After the second game, what kind of feedbacks were there?

Bdd: We mostly received confidence-bolstering feedback, where we were told to make plays where possible.

In the third game, your opponent draft was kind of a combination of their previous two games’ pick and ban. What was the strategy behind KT’s own draft?

Bdd: We drafted with the thoughts of playing as aggressively as we can.

You also made a solo kill [against CuVee] in the last game as well. Can you tell us how you saw the angle for the kill?

Bdd: Because Kennen used his E to push the lane, I just one-shotted him.

Did you expect the game to go along this smoothly?

Bdd: Because my teammates opened up fights very well, I was able to benefit from that, and scale well.

You and PraY have reunited to play in the same team once more. What is that like?

Bdd: When I’m with PraY, I feel comfortable just by being around him. He’s a familiar presence.

It seems the team atmosphere is quite cheerful. Is the practice environment similar in this regards?

Bdd: Even when we lose the match because we have a lot of veteran players in the team, as well as players that would cheer up the team, I don’t remember a time when the mood was down.

KT will now be facing multiple high ranking teams in a row. The prospect could be quite daunting, but with today’s victory, it may have bolstered your confidence. Can we hear any words from you?

Bdd: We are looking to improve our performance ingame, and will try our best to do so. While the next matches are going to be tough for us, we will do our best to win. Thank you.


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