Bang on the double Xayah cosplay with Sneaky: “He’s prettier than me.”

2018 All-Stars was an occasion for many celebrations and fun events. One of these events was a double cosplay from the professional players Bang and Sneaky, who both dressed up as Xayah. The players teamed up as “Beaky” in tandem mode game and also picked Xayah in the game.

After the game, Sjokz interviewed the Beaky duo on their performance on the tandem mode game, which player cosplayed Xayah better and their future plans with the cosplay.

What was it like playing Xayah, in the tandem mode in these costumes? 

Sneaky: It was pretty difficult. We kept shooting Q backwards. The first few flashes we threw out the window. Failed the Q on Draven and I think he even Flashed into the same spot…But it was fun, trying to get the hang of it. We got to coordinate in the end, “Flash, Flash!” “Q, Q!”

You guys did get better and better in the end. What was it like it for you, Bang?

Bang: I couldn’t use my flash at the right time.

You guys also look amazing [in the Xayah cosplay]. What do you think about Sneaky’s Xayah cosplay? Who do you think did it better?

Bang: He’s prettier than me. Especially the legs.

Sneaky: Bang’s is amazing too. He even did the contacts which I can’t even put in my eyes. The whole thing is super high quality for sure.

Now you did this play, is it going to be a tradition where you’ll be doing cosplay with other people?

Sneaky: I don’t know. It is the first time I did one at [a Riot event]. It’s pretty fun. Definitely will do it again.

Now you guys will be playing against each other as well. What do you think the next game against Sneaky is going to be like?

Bang: Can we going to Xayah? Both Xayah? [translates] In one versus one?

Sneaky: Oh yeah yeah yeah.

So you just said yes to a Xayah 1v1! Great, we got it on paper.


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