Afreeca Ucal on his growth: “I’ve become better at making my own decision instead of relying on [older brothers at KT].”

Afreeca Freecs began their Week 2 of LCK summer split with a victory against Hanwha Life Esports. The following is a press conference interview with Son “Ucal” Woo-hyeon.

How do you feel after your victory today against Hanwha Life Esports?

Ucal: We have begun a win streak with this victory, and I’m glad that we have been able to do so with such a good team atmosphere.

What kind of factors did you consider as important going into the match against Hanwha Life Esports?

Ucal: Hanwha, like Afreeca, is a team that plays around the objectives. Therefore, we worked on strengthening the trust we have for one another in our teamfights and mechanics.

You seem to be quite happy right now, even more so when you were playing the Yasuo. Was that part of the reason you got caught out in the game?

Ucal: The reason I got caught out was due me not noticing my teammate’s positioning and my opponents being grouped up so well.

Ucal, you were considered a great mid laner in 2018. Now you are once again showing 

Ucal: Because I’m seeing results with none of the older player [from KT Rolster] around me to help, I think I am playing better right now.

How much of your form do you think you recovered?

Ucal: I am satisfied with my current performance and since every mid laners are doing well right now I think I have to work hard until the end of the season.

Your next match will be against Kingzone DragonX, who has also been showing good performance as of late. What kind of prediction do you give about the series?

Ucal: I think the match will be decided from the battle between two swords, a clash of two aggressive teams. I would really like to hunt out Deft though.

Is there a specific reason you want to hunt Deft?

Ucal: Deft has been doing well and since he was my teammate last year I want to win against him. Since I lost against him in the spring split, this time, in summer, I would like to find my revenge.

How do you think you have changed, from spring to summer?

Ucal: I’ve become better at making my own decision instead of relying on others. I’ve taken it to myself to do what my older teammates used to do for me. My former teammates from [KT] would just play around me without me asking, which would cover up my weaknesses. Now, in the laning phase, teamfights, or when the team is rotating around the map, I try to shotcall what to do first and get help from my team.

Did the team atmosphere change after the change in the Head Coach position?

Ucal: Before, it was more tightly managed, but now I feel like there is more freedom overall. I personally prefer the current infrastructure, but I think each system have their own pros and cons.


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