Afreeca Freecs reveals new jungler, Twinkle

Image Source: Riot Games

Afreeca Freecs introduced a new jungler, Lee “Twinkle” Jin-hyeok, implying that there are changes coming to the LCK team’s roster on the onset of 2018 offseason.

Afreeca, in their official Twitter account, posted a photo of a new player in the midst of familiar faces, confirming the addition of Jin-Hyeok “Twinkle” Lee in the team. Formerly a jungler for RGA, a Challengers Korea team, his inclusion into Afreeca had been rumored since May of this year. Twinkle had come to be known in for his all-rounded, reliable playstyle in challenger, and many fans will be hoping that the player will be contributing these same assets to his new team.

Translation: “Freecs’ most handsome player Twinkle, born in the 2000s.”

Afreeca is famous for popularizing the concept of the 10-man roster for the purpose of in house scrimming, leading to the most successful season in the organization’s history. Twinkle’s appearance, coinciding with Afreeca’s underwhelming performance at Worlds concluded by 0-3 elimination to C9 in quarterfinals, may indicate the beginning of further changes to the roster under veteran Da-Yoon “Spirit” Lee and head coach Yeon-Sung “iloveoov” Choi.

Twinkle might only be beginning of the changes coming to LCK teams. Um “UmTi” Seong-hyeon, the former jungler for Jin Air Greenwings, parted his ways with the LCK team on November 1st and has revealed that he has received offers from regions outside of Korea. As Korea ends 2018 with underwhelming international results, more LCK teams will be looking for new jungle talent, both from within Korea and outside the country. 2018 offseason is set to begin on the third week of November by Riot’s official yearly schedule,


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