Afreeca Aiming suspended from playing after Ilbe controversies, team manager resigns

Source: Afreeca Freecs Twitter

안녕하세요. (주)아프리카TV 총괄부사장 정찬용입니다. 최근 일어난 아프리카 프릭스 LoL 팀 소속 "에이밍" 김하람 선수의 부적절한 언어 사용 및 행동과 이를 대처하는 프릭스 사무국의 미숙한 조치에 대해…

아프리카 프릭스さんの投稿 2018年3月11日(日)

Afreeca Freecs’ rookie ADC, Kim “Aiming” Haram will be suspended from participating from LCK 2018 Spring Split, the team’s official Facebook page announced. The team manager also resigns from the team, taking responsibility for the situation and Afreeca Freecs’ early response that was met with criticism.

Aiming came under controversy after he was found to have used suicide-related, Ilbe-affiliated jokes. Screenshots from DCInside showed Aiming joking about “Splattered Tofu” in a mocking reference to president Roh Mu-hyun who committed suicide by jumping off a cliff.

Afreeca Freecs’ coaching staff were criticized when Aiming continued to be included in team’s roster despite the controversy. As detailed by a Reddit post by user Mercilight, being affiliated with Ilbe is a grounds for public scrutiny in Korea. Inven, the largest LoL-related community in Korea, saw an outbreak of posts by outraged fans, promising to boycott Afreeca Freecs unless further penalties were laid against Aiming.

Screenshot of Inven as of 6th of March. The community’s hot page was dominated by Korean fans demanding that a more severe penalty is given out by Afreeca Freecs. Source: LoL Inven

Afreeca Freecs’ statement announced that Aiming will be “Suspended from participating in all future 2018 LCK Spring Split matches, participate in 20 hours of public service, participate in the education of history, art and culture”. The statement also announced that the general manager of Afreeca Freecs, Jang Dong-jun, will “Resign after taking a full responsibility of how the incident of Aiming was handled initially”


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