2019 Rift Rivals – SKT Faker “I think I was the MVP, too.”

This is the press conference with the players of SK Telecom T1 after the first day of Rift Rivals, held at Seoul, South Korea.

Clid, you played jungle Sylas today. Jungle Sylas has been a popular pick at the solo queue recently.

Clid: We have had good results with Sylas, both at solo queue and scrimmages. Sylas seemed to click so we decided to draft him.

What is the strength of utilizing Sylas at the jungle, compared to one of the laners playing him?

Clid: Picking Sylas gives us an advantage during the drafting stage, as he can easily rotate to mid, top or jungle. I believe that he is currently better played in the jungle.

Khan, if you had to pick an MVP for the day who would you pick among the SKT player?

Khan: I believe that MVP is awarded to a player who has contributed significantly to the team victory. However, every player performed well today rather than a single player taking all the spotlight.

But if I had to give an MVP … I’ve been stealing Faker’s MVPs throughout the LCK. Therefore, this time, I’ll pass the MVP over to Faker.

Faker, what is your response to Khan passing the MVP over to you?

Faker: I think I was the MVP, too.

You have met Flash Wolves a few times in the last couple of weeks, and you have a good record against them. How did playing against Flash Wolves this time compare to the MSI?

Faker: At the time of MSI, Flash Wolves had just won the spring split and they seemed confident, which reflected on how they played. However, I didn’t feel the same way about their performance this time. It’s true that our team also isn’t doing well [in the LCK], however … It was not difficult to go against them.

You will next face against Invictus Gaming. What are your resolutions going against them?

Mata: The MSI teams have been going through a similar situation, as team underperformed at the beginning of the split but slowly recovering in the recent weeks. I think we and iG are at a similar pace. If I had to find a variable that puts us at an advantage, it will be Rookie joining the roster last minute due to unfortunate circumstances.

Teddy, how has the tournament been so far?

Teddy: It feels good, the first match went well. I’ll try my best to do even better throughout the remaining of the tournament.

Clid, you have performed at the LPL before. Did that experience help in any way as you prepared for Rift Rivals?

Clid: I’ve spent some time in China, and played at the LPL for a year. I wouldn’t necessarily say that it gives me a huge advantage. I guess that the time in China made me familiar with what kind of playstyles they prefer, so that is a small advantage.


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