Asian Games: The Korean National team for League advances to the finals

The National League of Legends team for South Korea advanced to the finals for 2018 Asian Games. Korea will now face its long-time rival in League of Legends, the Republic of China, to contest the Asian Games gold medal.

The Korean National team, consisting of Kiin, Peanut, Score(sub), Faker, Ruler and CoreJJ finished Group Stage with a convincing 6:0 match score. Korea defeated all other 3 teams in Group A – Kazakhstan, Vietnam and the Republic of China in 6 different best-of-1 matches and became the first team to qualify for the semi-finals.

In the semi-finals of Asian Games, Korea faced Saudi Arabia and easily overpowered the opponents by winning both games on the best-of-3 match. Korea even had the confidence to pick a comp that paid homage the two most recent World Champions, Samsung Galaxy and SK Telecom 1. For game 1, Korea picked a full comp of Samsung Galaxy Worlds skins, while for game 2 Korea picked a comp of SK Telecom T1 skins. With the victory over Saudi Arabia, Korea is guaranteed at least the silver medal for 2018 Asian Games League of Legends demonstrative games.

Korea now advances to the finals which will be held in 29th of August, where the team will once against face off China – A national rivalry that is a repetition of finals for the last two international tournaments, MSI and Rift Rivals. The game will be a best-of-5; the live stream with the English commentary can be watched on YouTube.


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