Gen G’s Ruler on how he played Vayne against Afreeca Freecs: “I played with the mindset that I couldn’t die.”

Ruler is the sole MVP of today's match against Afreeca Freecs. Image Source: Riot Games

Gen.G Esports defeats Afreeca Freecs to keep their hopes alive of escaping relegations. Both teams showed amazing performances last week, defeating first-place LCK team Griffin. With a potential bottom 2 finish on the line, Gen.G persevered, coming back from early deficits to claim the series 2-0.

Riot Korea interviewed Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk following the match.

You were able to defeat Afreeca Freecs 2-0, who was another team that managed to beat Griffin last week along with Gen.G.  Can you tell us about today’s match?

Ruler: I think games nowadays are about the number of mistakes in game. The team likely to lose is the one that commits more mistakes compared to their opponent. Therefore, we focused on reducing our mistakes in the game.

Gen.G’s players have been performing well recently. Is there any reason behind that?

Ruler: I believe long hours of sleep worked wonders for us. I am thankful that everyone played well today.

How long did you sleep last night?

Ruler: I had around 8 hours of sleep.

Today, the Head of Gen.G Esports came over to watch today. Did you know he was coming today?

Ruler: Yes, I greeted him beforehand.

Do you think his presence helped you in today’s game?

Ruler: Yes, of course. I believe it’s great for invigorating our team’s morale.

Today, Kalista’s priority has been high lately, but today you decided to give away Kalista in favor of Ezreal.

Ruler: I have different champions [other than Ezreal] that I was willing to play against, which was why it was given up. However, we made some mistakes, which made the game look grim for us initially, but it worked out.

Since Kalista will have an advantage in the lane against Ezreal, did Gen.G pick Ezreal with the intention of playing for late game?

Ruler: Honestly, we were doing well in the lane before [SSUN’s Zoe] made a TP play in the bot lane. Because of that, we weren’t able to benefit more, but I don’t think Ezreal loses to Kalista that hard in lane.

So with your Ezreal, you don’t fear the Kalista matchup?

Ruler: Not quite, but I think it differs by player’s mastery over the champions.

In the first game, we saw Peanut’s Baron steal. The game wasn’t going Gen.G’s way at the time. Did Peanut say he would attempt a steal beforehand?

Ruler: No, Peanut didn’t say anything like that before the steal. Honestly, it seemed like our opponent was being lax, hitting the Baron like that, which I thought was a mistake. Thanks to that, we were able to see Peanut steal it.

We saw your prediction skillshots against [SSUN’s] Zoe. You used Farsight Alteration in the bush to start it off.

Ruler: I thought Zoe would try and go for a poke there and attempted a counter play. I think it was well done, though it was a pity I wasn’t able to kill Zoe there. Luckily, Olaf was able to finish the job.

People said you could have used W earlier to proc it. Do you agree with that?

Ruler: I do agree, but it was done in the heat of the moment.

In the second game, you picked the Vayne again. Why did you pick it?

Ruler: I picked Vayne because I think I’m good at it.

Fly is a player that doesn’t pick Leblanc often, with today’s game being his third time playing the champion this split. Was it picked due to player request or as part of coaching staff’s strategy?

Ruler: I think it was both. Fly said he was confident, and the coaching staff asked him to play it.

The teamfights were quite even going into the late game. In such a situation, the Baron became quite an important objective. Let’s look at the Baron fight in the second game.

In that game, you were outnumbered, but then we saw Vayne engaging the enemy in a fight. 

Ruler: Since our team had the Tahm Kench, I trusted in my team to peel for me when I went in. I think they did a good job of protecting me. I played with the mindset that I couldn’t die.

The second game was quite long, which might have been discouraging to the team, worrying whether you would be able to take the victory. 

Ruler: With Ezreal, our opponent was able to keep us at bay. However, as soon as I built Bloodthirster, it became much easier for us to deal with.

You will be playing against DAMWON Gaming’s Nuclear next series. Your remaining matches will matter quite a bit. How are you planning to prepare for your next series?

Ruler: I think it’s important for us to practice more right now, and to reduce our mistakes. That way, we will be able to win against teams stronger than us.


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