KZ Deft: “If we had lost this game, we would be in 10th place. So I played as if it’s all over if we do not win this match.”

Kingzone DragonX put their difficult first week in 2019 LCK Spring Split behind them and earned their first victory after beating KT Rolster with a 2-0 match score. The first game was overturned by Deft’s hard-carry Ashe, while the second game was dominated by Rascal’s performance on Urgot, a champion that is currently considered a very strong pick in the LCK. After the match, Riot Korea interviewed the two MVPs, Deft and Rascal.

You must have had a tough time leading up to today’s match, so congratulations on earning your first victory. How are you feeling at the moment?

Deft: It feels good to win. Whenever we’d lose, I’d feel lost, wondering what kind of direction our team was heading in. But we won today so that feels good.

Rascal: I think all my teammates played well, and that I just happened to be given MVP.

Deft: I wasn’t particularly focused on the fact that I was going against KT Rolster. If we had lost this game, we would be in 10th place. So I played as if it’d be all over if we didn’t win this match.

Deft, you picked Ashe in your first game. Can you tell us more about this decision?

Deft: I thought that Ashe would have more influence on the game, be it in teamfights or the lane phase, so I picked her.

And in the second game, we saw more surprise picks. We saw Jinx and LeBlanc drafted from Kingzone DragonX. Deft, can you tell me more about your Jinx pick?

Deft: I hadn’t particularly practiced Jinx, but it’s a pick that I’m always ready to fall back to. Because I felt confident about playing her, I strongly suggested that we pick her during the draft, and the coaching staff supported me on it.

Rascal, you solo-killed Smeb in both games. How did that feel? In particular, how were you able to pull off the solo kill in the second game? Wasn’t Aatrox close by?

Rascal: I had Flash on and I could see where Aatrox was on the map, so I went in making sure that I had enough distance to avoid the countergank. I think I went in because Akali didn’t have Flash.

Urgot seems to be OP at the moment. Currently, Urgot is on a victory win streak. Rascal, how do you feel about playing Urgot? Is it fun to play him?

Rascal: Urgot is a very good champion at the moment. I’m not exactly sure if Urgot is “fun” to play. Even when I win on him, I’m not sure if Urgot is completely enjoyable to play. However, I do think he is a good champion.

How has the team been getting along?

Rascal: Game stuff aside, I’m having a lot of fun with my ‘hyungs’ (older brothers). We fool around a lot. When it’s bedtime, we all pretend to snore. Stuff like that. Deft is terrible at pretending to snore, so whenever he tries, I can’t help but crack up.

You’ll be playing versus Afreeca next — and coincidentally, that day happens to be Pawn’s birthday! Did you guys know that?

Rascal: No.

Deft: I had no idea.

Any last words of determination heading into that match?

Deft: Uh, do you mean like a video birthday card [for Pawn]? Oh, words of determination. Well, I think we’ve looked as bad as we did in our previous games due to stage nerves. We hadn’t been nearly as hopeless in scrims. So I think our win today has really uplifted our spirits and should turn the team atmosphere around.

Rascal: Birthdays are usually about receiving stuff, yes, but they can also be occasions to share. So I hope Pawn will carry us that day!


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