KSV’s possible new name and logo leaked: The 2017 World Champions to rename as Gen.G esports

Trademark for Gen.G Esports, registered by KSV Services Ltd. Image Source: KIPRIS (Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service)

KSV will be finally re-branding into a new team name and logo, it seems.

On May 3rd KST, KSV’s official Facebook page changed its name to @GenGesports and KSV League of Legends team’s Facebook page changed its name to @GenGLoL. The name of their League of Legends team has also been changed to “Gen.G LOL”.

Also, members in KSV changed their in-game names, confirming the name change. Shortly after the news of KSV’s new title went live, Ruler, Crown, CoreJJ, Ambition and CuVee all changed their League of Legend name to “Gen G <Name>”

Crown changes his in-game name to “Gen G Crown”. Image Source: OP.GG

Online fans all over the world quickly jumped on Google to do detective work. People discovered that the GEN.G ESPORTS was registered for both international and Korea, and was associated with the following image. It implies that Gen.G will have a new logo, but would keep the gold and black color theme of KSV:

Application of Gen.G Esports and its logo on KIPRIS. Image: KIPRIS (Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service)

Gen.G Esports, formerly Samsung Galaxy, was acquired by KSV at the end of 2017 after Samsung Galaxy became World Champions. Initially set to be re-branded at the beginning of 2018, the re-branding was delayed until the beginning of LCK Summer Split.


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