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The new LCK trophy has been revealed. The tagline is “Rise & Victory”

A visualization of the new LCK trophy, to be active from 2019. Image Source: Riot Korea

On the 10th of April, Riot Korea unveiled the design for the new trophy for League of Legends Champions Korea.

The trophy’s theme is “Rise & Victory…taking inspiration from how the players grow and claim victory through effort”, said Riot Korea in the press release.

The trophy constitutes of 140 individual lines, each line representing a League champion or a player. The twist of the lines at the neck of the trophy represents the friendly competition in the LCK. “The trophy also prominently features the Star and the Eagle, the two symbols of the LCK”, said Riot Korea. The top of the trophy has the shape of the Star, while the handles are meant to represent the wings of the Eagle. The trophy is 390mm wide and 597mm tall.

The names of the past LCK champions will be engrained at the base of the trophy. Future LCK champions will also have their names added to the trophy. Image Source: Riot Korea

The new LCK trophy will make its public appearance at the 2019 LCK spring split finals, held at Jamsil Arena, and will be awarded to the winning team. A replica of the trophy will be exhibited at LoL Park, the venue for the LCK matches, located in Seoul, South Korea.


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