Faker’s speech after the LCK spring split finals: “I’ve noticed that my former teammates came to support me today. We could’ve won with that roster, but we just couldn’t connect the dots. We surely had the talent, if only…”

Lee "Faker" Sang-hyuk holds up the LCK cup after winning the spring split. Image Source: Korizon

On April 13th, 28 million people witnessed the return of SKT T1 to its throne by shutting out Griffin 3-0 [per ESC, peak viewership]. Griffin surprised the audience-packed Jamsil Arena in game one by drafting a very aggressive Taliyah-Pantheon bot lane, but SKT T1 did not panic and stalled the game long enough for them to bring Park “Teddy” Jin-seong’s Ezreal online and win teamfights. After game one, Griffin looked shaky and failed to recover. SKT T1 took full advantage and steamrolled to victory in games two and three, claiming the LCK trophy.

Below is Caster Jun’s interview with the victorious SKT T1 players and staff.

kkOma, how many times have you won the LCK as a head coach?

kkOma: This is my first.

(crowd applauds)

How are you feeling right now?

kkOma: My legs are trembling. I want to thank the players and the coaches. All I did was sit in the lobby and make an uppercut pose after a good play. I also want to thank SK Telecom for supporting us so that we can be at our very best.

[pauses for a moment]

I… we’ve worked a lot to be able to be up here, to stand victorious and say thank you to everyone.

kkOma, when are you going to get married?

kkOma: I do have a couple ring on. I’m thinking of tying it up after Worlds.

Mata, you may have a different uniform on, but nonetheless, you won two splits in a row. How do you feel?

Mata: I can’t think of any words to say. I just want to say thank you. Thank you.

Sometimes, AD carries can be very hard to play alongside with. How was Teddy today?

Mata: General Teddy led us to victory, like always. To be honest, I wasn’t at my best today, but my teammates were razor-sharp and carried me.

You didn’t think you played well today? 

Mata: I’m really frank when it comes to looking back at my performance. If today was not the finals of playoffs and an ordinary league match, I think I would have been scolded.

Khan, you just keep on getting those trophies in Jamsil! How do you feel?

Khan: I thought I would shed tears of joy if I won, but the tears aren’t coming out. I will save my tears for a win at a bigger event.

What do you mean by a bigger event?

Khan: Well, we’ve just won the spring split, so I guess we have MSI and Worlds left.

But hey, you haven’t qualified for Worlds yet!

Khan: I know… I’m just saying that there is Worlds left to play. [laughs]

In game three, you made some great plays with Riven, but you gave up a solo kill to Sword, a close friend. Do you have any comments on that?

Khan: Yeah, I did give up a solo kill, but that’s that and we won the match.

Do you have any resolutions for the future? How far can this SKT T1 team go?

Khan: I think they are too many matches left to be played, so it would be too early to say. However, I will promise the fans that we will try our best to repay our fans’ faith with good results. I cannot thank our fans enough for always supporting us.

Teddy, how do you feel? 

Teddy: I didn’t think that we would win 3-0, but I am so happy that we won in a very dominant fashion. I was ecstatic when I heard the fans cheer while we were waiting to walk into the venue. I think the fans gave me the strength to play with confidence at the biggest stage.

The fans that cheered for you are right in front of you. Can you ask them to make some noise?

Teddy: Fans, makes some noise for me!

[crowd roars, Caster Jun waits for the crowd]

Park “Teddy” Jin-seong, the MVP of the series, holds the LCK cup. Image Source: Korizon

I think this is why you became a professional gamer. To see this, feel the energy. Do you have anyone you want to address after being victorious?

Teddy: I am very close to Lehends, so I want to tell him that he played well today and that it was a good match.

And now, Clid, our MVP for game two. How was your first LCK finals?

Clid: Actually, this was my first finals ever, and I am extremely satisfied that we could win 3-0.

Out of a scale of 100, how do you rate your performance today as SKT T1’s jungler? 

Clid: I think I did a bit more than one person’s worth.

Does that mean there was someone who did less than one person’s worth?

Clid: [thinks for a second] I think everyone did their part…but if I have to choose one, I think it would be Khan because he was trash talking in the pre-match interview but ended up getting solo killed. It was unfortunate.

You were brilliant in LPL and now you’ve won the LCK. What are your resolutions for the future?

Clid: We played well today, but we still have international events such as MSI that we have to look forward to. We will make sure we can play well in those events too.

Faker, you –

[crowd roars]

Faker, an amazing fan presence always comes with your name. Are you used to fans reacting this passionately to your success?

Faker: Of course I’m used to it, but it’s been quite a while since I’ve been in a final, so it feels fresh.

You must feel great.

Faker: I am absolutely delighted.

You had some hard times, and you’ve seen many teammates come and go, but you’ve finally came back to the top. How do you feel winning with this roster?

Faker: Our current roster didn’t have that much time to play together and build team chemistry, but each and every one of our players are talented and fun to be with. I think everyone’s individual talent and friendship helped us win it all today.

I’ve noticed that my former teammates came to support me today. We could’ve won with that roster too, but we just couldn’t connect the dots. We surely had the talent, if only…

[Faker fights back tears]

I’ve seen Bang, who else came today?

[Fans shout out, “Easyhoon!”]

Not Lee Ji-hoon, the general manager of Gen.G, right?

Faker: I talked with Huni and Blank. Easyhoon and Bang didn’t stop by to say hi… oh well.

You previously promised that you would go on to win the MSI if you win the spring split. What happens if you can’t win MSI?

Faker: I’ll win Worlds.

SK Telecom T1 celebrates the victory on the spring split sage. Image Source: Korizon

What if you win both MSI and Worlds? do you have any events to promise your fans?

[Fans shout out, “Broccoli!”] [Everyone laughs]

Faker: I think it’s too early to say, but I’ll prepare a special celebration if I win both MSI and Worlds.

Let’s just do it if you win the MSI.

Faker: Shall I?

A lot of strong teams will be featured at MSI. Do you have a team that you want to face?

Faker: I have a strong affection towards gamers that have been here for a while. So I would like it if players like Doublelift could come to MSI. But then again, I am confident that I can beat any player from any opposition so I don’t mind much.

Zefa, how do you feel?

Zefa: This is my first win, so I am really happy. I want to go home to eat and sleep early today though because I don’t think that my heart is acknowledging the fact that I’ve won.


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