bbq autumn: “[on their next series against SKT] If we play our own style, I think we can win.”

Image Source: Kespa Cup official stream on AfreecaTV

With bbq Oliver’s win over ES Sharks, they have advanced to the next round. With extensive changes on the roster following their relegation from LCK, bbq Olivers was able to show the potential of their new players by taking out a fellow CK team.

bbq Olivers’ mid laner Jeong “autumn” Soo-hwan has been interviewed following their win.


Congratulations on your win!

You have just won your first series! How were your debut games?

autumn: I was so nervous, and my hands were cold because of it. Thanks to Lee Hyun-kyung announcer lending me a hand warmer, I think I was able to play better.

Your head coach was looking for a hand warmer. I didn’t realize it was going to be in your hands when I lent it!

For your first set, you played Zoe, and second, Orianna. How many points will you give for your performance today?

autumn: For my debut game, I will be a bit conservative. Five out of ten.

From seeing the games today, by how much do you think it [the score] will go up in the future?

autumn: Since I realized my mistakes, I think I can raise it to 9.

In the first set, it looked like you were going to lose until the 35 minute mark. But you took the win eventually.

autumn: We all thought that in the late game we would be able to win, so despite them [ES Sharks] playing aggressive, they were unable to take advantage of it.

Malice played very well on Khazix and Karthus today. Those champions require lots of care from the team. As a mid laner, what do you think about the picks?

autumn: For the last set, I found out that Karthus topped out on the damage chart, beating me out slightly. I was slightly disappointed by that.

In both games, the mid and jungle synergy shined. Despite being a foreign jungler, there must have been no problems in communication?

autumn: Even without the language, we can use signals to communicate. Also, there are a lot of people that are great at English in the team.

Now you have to prepare for the next round. Your next opponent is SKT, and you will be facing Faker. Do you have any words regarding that?

autumn: If we play our own style, I think we can win.

And with that concludes the interview with bbq Oliver’s autumn.


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