GRF Viper on his next match against KT Rolster: “As long as I don’t bring back the memories of [2018 Summer finals], I should do fine.”

On the 2nd of February, the long-anticipated series between Griffin and Sandbox Gaming came to a close with a 2-1 score. With the match being the first place decider in LCK, both teams, undefeated in Bo3, were looking to continue their win streak. The highlight of the series was the second game, with Sandbox’s methodical plays dealing Griffin their first competitive game loss this year. Griffin, however, was able to come back thanks to their AD Carry Park “Viper” Do-hyeon to finish another series with a victory.

Riot Korea interviewed Griffin’s mid laner Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon and AD carry Park “Viper” Do-hyeon following the victory.

Congratulation on your win! Could you tell us about that first Chovy?

Chovy: This is our last series before we get our break, I am glad that we were able to win the match.

How about you Viper?

Viper: I am also glad that we were able to win.

Are you happy about the prospect of going back home?

Viper: Yes, and…I think I will be able to sleep well.

With the start of the first game, your KDA was the centre of attention, Chovy. Today it fell a bit, do you feel sad about it?

Chovy: I feel relief, actually, since from now I will be able to play without being mindful about my KDA.

Chovy, you were able to play Akali, one of your undefeated champions with the best record. 

Chovy: I thought it would be banned, but they didn’t. So I very happily grabbed it.

There was a teamfight in the Dragon pit where you managed to grab the kills using your flash and ult. Did you think “oh, I might die” as you went in?

Chovy: I just went in, with the thought of killing them all.

The first game you were able to take the win. However, this was not so in the second game. How did you feel going into the third game?

Viper: We weren’t that bothered by it. We just made sure to maintain our own pace.

Chovy did you have any talks with your teammates?

Chovy: There wasn’t much to say. I just accepted the loss, and we just said let’s do well in the third game.

Chovy you played your favorite champion, Zoe. Do you still favor Zoe?

Chovy: I think Zoe is still a good champion. Whether it’s played by me or playing against it.

Viper, you were able to win against the “Holy Spirit” Ghost. How was the matchup?

Viper: I think it was fun, though we lost the second game with me making mistakes. I’m relieved that we managed to win in the end.

Viper, your Lucian was there for the first and third game. What are your thoughts about the champion?

Viper: Honestly, I thought my teammates would get the MVP, with my teammates doing well, I don’t think I did much. It turns out Lucian was an overpowered champion.

Sandbox was the first to break the nexus of Griffin. Your next series is against KT Rolster. How are you going to prepare against them?

Chovy: We don’t have anything specific in mind. We will just continue playing as we always do.

Viper, KT was your finals opponent last year. Are there any worries?

Viper: As long as I don’t bring back the memories of the [2018 Summer finals], I should do fine.

Thank you for the interview, and to everyone, happy holidays!




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