GRF Viper on Griffin dropping a game against SANDBOX Gaming: “[League] is a game where you learn more when you lose.”

On the 2nd of February, the world saw that Griffin could bleed. Even though Griffin took the series, SANDBOX Gaming provided a challenge to Griffin and even took a game away, putting a dent on Griffin’s seemingly impenetrable armor. The AD carry of Griffin, Park “Viper” Do-hyun, however, is unconcerned. He says, “We have experienced all of this before, going all the way back to our Challenger days…[League] is a game where you learn more when you lose.”

This interview was conducted on the 2nd of February, after Griffin’s match against SANDBOX Gaming.

You came out victorious in a difficult match against SANDBOX Gaming and continued your 6-0 win streak. Viper, I’d like to ask how you are feeling.

Viper: Even though we dropped a game, we were able to eventually close out the series. I feel happy about that. We also have a long break coming up. I think during the break we can grow even further, come back [to the LCK] with a better performance.

You did drop a game against Sandbox today. Griffin, for the first time in the spring split, has experienced a loss. I wonder how you feel about this loss, too.

Viper: We have experienced all of this before, going all the way back to our Challenger days. So we’re not too concerned about it. [League] is a game where you learn more when you lose.

You speak of “learning from your losses”. Is there any particular lesson that you have taken away from that game loss against Sandbox?

Viper: It was our first time playing against Sandbox at the LCK stage. Today, we could gauge the strength and the playstyle of Sandbox. Also, we found a better direction for how we should play our own game.

Is there anything you particularly regret about the game that you dropped against Sandbox?

Viper: I was the prime suspect for us dropping that game. I wonder if we, the bot lane of Griffin, stayed more focused through the game we could have taken the game away. I’m very regretful.

Yet, Griffin stayed collected after the loss and managed come back with a strong performance in Game 3. Just how do you stay collected, in every match you play at the LCK?

Viper: We’ve been through all of this before, ups and downs. We’ve gone through so much last year…these experiences have shaped us into what we are today. There’s something like that.

As Griffin continues its unchallenged dominance in the LCK, many people are analyzing the unique playstyle that Griffin seems to have. One public opinion is that Griffin is similar to the LPL, due to its proactive skirmishes and aggression. What is your opinion on this, Viper?

Viper: I do not necessarily agree with this statement. You could say, on the surface level, that Griffin’s playstyle is similar to the LPL. However, I believe that there is a distinctive difference between us and the LPL teams.

The LPL is made out of teams that play the LPL style. You need both hands to clap, right? When both sides of the match are playing the LPL style, you end up with the “LPL style” matches. We are playing in the LCK, against the teams of the LCK. Therefore, we will have a difference in the playstyle, the team-wide direction, win conditions within each game.

In a few months, we may finally see Griffin go against the LPL teams. 2019 Mid-Season Invitational has just been announced, and if Griffin wins the spring split the team will finally go against the LPL teams.

Viper: We are aware of the new opportunities that open up if we are to win the splits. Griffin has never won a championship before, we still are yet to achieve on the world stage. We are just working hard to finally achieve these things and reach our goal.

Is there any team or a region that you’d like to face?

Viper: Not particularly. As we continue to do well, more opportunities will arise, and we’ll have to face all of these teams and regions as a result of these opportunities. Whoever comes, as long as we can play our own game and show everything that we have been preparing for, we will be good.

Again, congratulations on claiming your 6th victory before the Lunar New Year holidays. Do you have any plans for the break?

Viper: There is a long period of break before our next match, so I think I need to give my body a bit of a rest. I will also be re-watching some of the matches, ponder over where we are headed from here – many thoughts.

Thank you for the interview. Do you have any final words for the fans?

Viper: First of all, thank you for watching our matches. There are still many more matches to go, the first round hasn’t even finished yet. For every game, we will show the best performance within our capacity and deliver exciting, high-quality plays.

For the upcoming holiday period and the Lunar New Year celebrations, I hope you get to eat a lot of tasty food. I hope you have peace in your lives.


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