TheShy on laning against Smeb: “I think it will come down to the difference between the junglers; Score is an extremely good player”

TheShy returns to start as the top-laner for IG

In the 3rd day of Rift Rivals Dalian, LCK progressed to the finals with a decisive 3-0 win over LMS. They will now face off LPL in a blind best of 5 to decide which region is the best in the tri-nation of LCK, LMS and LPL. The opening match will be between KT Rolster and Invictus Gaming, with iG starting out TheShy.

In an interview, TheShy discussed his predictions for the match-up against Smeb and why he believed that Score, the jungler of KT Rolster, will decide the game in the match-up.

You had a long hiatus, and during that time the meta has gone through significant changes. What are your thoughts on the new meta?

In the old times, you could overcome counterpicks with pure mechanical skills. However, in the previous patch, the match up in the top lane would be decided by the picks.

Rift Rivals is a great opportunity for teams to face teams from other regions, teams that they would not usually go against. Is there any top-laner or a team that you’re personally looking forward to play against?

I’d really like to go against Khan, who has a very similar playstyle as me. I’d also like to play against KT Rolster’s Smeb.

What are your predictions if you were to lane against Khan or Smeb?

Against Khan, I think the match would really come down to the difference in the individual mechanical prowess of the two top-laners. As of laning against Smeb, I believe that it will become a 2v2 fight between top and jungle of each teams. I believe that the jungler of KT Rolster is very good.

Would you be referring to Score or Rush there?

Score. I think he is an extremely good player.



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