SKT Teddy on his Ezreal: “I thought that as long we went even in the laning phase, I would be able to carry in the teamfights.”

Teddy and Clid are the MVPs of today's match against Afreeca Freecs. Image Source: Korizon

SKT defeats Afreeca Freecs to secure themselves second place in the LCK regular season. With higher playoff seeding on the line, SKT came in swinging, quickly claiming victory in the first game of the series. Afreeca was quick to strike back, taking control of the second game early on. However, despite their best efforts, Afreeca was unable to capitalize on their advantages fully, allowing SKT to claw back a lead and sweep the series with a 2-0.

Riot Korea interviewed Park “Teddy” Jin-seong and Kim “Clid” Tae-min following the match.

Congratulations on your victory today. Tell us how you feel.

Teddy: I am glad that we were able to secure second place, as well as win the series with a 2-0.

Clid: While I don’t think our performances in this series were quite as good as we would like, I am happy that we were able to solidify our second place standing.

Because second place was on the line, did you have any special preparation going into this series?

Clid: No, we thought that as long as we play as we have done until now, we would be fine.

Teddy, since Ezreal’s double tear build is gone, was there any research into an alternative build?

Teddy: Today, I opted to go for an old build [that I used before double tear was popularised].

Were there any items that you thought of as an alternative?

Teddy: I tried Luden’s Echo and Hextech Gunblade, but those weren’t good at all, so I’ve ditched it for now.

So is today’s build what you believe to be the most optimal build on Ezreal right now?

Teddy: To go that particular build, your opponents need to have a lot of AP damage. Since I was buying CDR items just to get Maw of Malmortius, if there isn’t too much magic damage, I don’t tend to build it.

In the first game, with all the activity in the top lane, what was bottom lane like during the laning phase?

Teddy: I thought that as long we went even in the laning phase, I would be able to carry in the teamfights.

There was a teamfight in the mid lane where your poke with Ezreal was crucial to winning.

Teddy: I asked to play out the fight slowly by poking them down, but we were hitting our skillshots well.

And then Dread [playing Jarvan IV] suddenly initiated back into the fight. 

Teddy: Yes our opponents suddenly went back in. I was a bit surprised, but thanks to our team playing it out slowly, we were able to win the fight.

Clid, you played Lee Sin in both games. Did you think it was a mistake for your opponents to leave it open?

Clid: I don’t think so since I don’t think I was playing that well today.

In the first game, you were able to relieve pressure off of top lane and then changed your strategy to looking after bottom lane for the second game. What inspired the change?

Clid: Regarding the first game, since it was a carry vs carry matchup, I decided to take care of top lane more. For the second game, since our opponents picked Taliyah and Elise, I decided to play defensively around the bottom due to their capability at diving.

Teddy, there has been a lot of questions regarding Vayne and Alistar. Can you tell us why?

Teddy: Our coaches gave us the choice, between other champions and Vayne-Alistar. We decided to go for the latter.

Clid, we saw an amazing Baron steal in the second game, smiting at 34 HP. Since their composition had Kalista and Elise, it must have been hard finding an angle for a steal. 

Clid: Honestly, my teammates were saying we should go for teamfights, but I chimed in and said we could maybe go for a steal there. Because both teams had a lot of damage, I think I was able to get the Baron thanks to luck.

You have finished your regular season split at second place. Who are you expecting to be your opponents in playoffs?

Clid: Because there are a lot of good teams, it’s difficult to judge.

Teddy: I feel the same way.

How will you prepare for your playoffs match?

Teddy: As long as we do as we have, reduce our mistakes and play our roles we should be okay.

Clid: Since there isn’t a match until then, there is a slight chance of becoming careless. So, we will make sure to not lose our focus and practice hard until then.

Any last words to the fans?

Teddy: I am always grateful for your support and thank you for coming over today.

Clid: Despite the rain, a lot of fans came over to cheer for us. Thank you, and I’ll make sure to work hard.


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