GRF Tarzan on Lehend’s Elise pick: “No, no one [told him off]. We respect the opinions of individuals in our team.”

“Another level!”, the Korean casters screamed as Kingzone DragonX’s Nexus fell. Griffin started their 2019 Spring Split with a fresh start, defeating Kingzone with a quick 2-0. After the match, Riot Korea interviewed Griffin’s Tarzan on LCK broadcast about Tarzan and Griffin’s first LCK victory.

It was truly an overwhelming performance: “Another Level”. Tarzan, how does it feel to win [against Kingzone DragonX] with such a dominating performance?

Tarzan: It feels good. I’m satisfied that we’ve had a good start in this new venue.

Your Xin Zhao was just amazing. People are saying that this is the best Xin Zhao we’ve seen for a while. Have you had a lot of practice on Xin Zhao at all?

Tarzan: I haven’t practiced just on Xin Zhao, I’ve been practicing on other champions too…I guess so-so?

We also have to talk about the time where you solo-killed Rascal.

Tarzan: I was clearing some vision. I went to Rift Herald area to put some wards up there. I used my lens, then the enemy was there. I got lucky with it.

You really built up a lot of gold in the game. We want to talk about the part of the game when you continued to push top, while your team members had a teamfight in the bot lane. What kind of shotcall was made?

Tarzan: It wasn’t like that; I was at top, so I shotcalled to my teammates that I’m at top, and that bot should hold on somehow.

We’d like to also talk about Akali in the second game. The consensus is that Urgot is a counter pick to Akali, however, Chovy performed amazingly against PawN’s Urgot.

Tarzan: I didn’t personally play Akali, but it’s a pick that Chovy is confident in, so he wanted to play it. He also has fun when he plays Akali.

We also have to talk about Lehends’ support Elise. Can you tell us how that came about?

Tarzan: He played what he wanted, I guess. There were a few picks that he could have played, and Elise support was one of them.

When he said that he wanted to play Elise, no one in the team told him otherwise?

Tarzan: No one, not really. We respect the opinions of individuals in our team.

Thank you for the interview. Finally, there are many fans who’ve come to watch your match. Can give us your resolutions?

Tarzan: We won’t rest from here, and start preparing. We’ll be ready so we can also win our next match.


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